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adsense optimization
adsense optimization

Adsense optimization is something you can do if you display adsense on your website or blog. Your adsense revenue can be directly related to how you display adsense. While Google does have rules to how many ads you can display on a page, you can certainly put ads in the right spots to get a better click through rate.

what is adsense optimization?

Google’s adsense program is where a website publisher makes money from displaying ads on their website. These google ads come from the adwords program. In the adwords program advertisers bid to pay per a click on the Google search results pages. When these ads are displayed on your website it is called the Google content network or contextual adverting network.  and you can make really good money when you do adsense optimization.

How does adsense work and how to do adsense optimization!

When you places ads from Google on your website, people will click on them and you get paid a percentage. All you have to do is sign up for adsense and then start displaying ads on your website. If you use wordpress this is done very easily with plugins.

Adsense optimization!

Many people just blindly put up adsense on their website or blog and hope for the best and do not do any adsense optimization. But, there are ways to increase your earnings by optimizing adsense. Google does have a heat map where you can see where to best put your ads. Usually above the fold is what works best. When someone lands on your website and they see ads immediately, they are usually more prone to click.

When searching for keywords for your website you will want to take a look at and see what are the top paying adsense keywords. This can help in upping your revenue from adsense. You can also use google analytics to see what keywords are really bringing in the most.  This is basic stuff for adsense optimization.

Performing adsense optimization can really help your website generate more income when done correctly. For example link units are a huge earner for adsense when displayed in the proper location. Many webmasters have found that using link units near their navigation links helps for adsense optimization.

Earning with adsense can take time though even when you do adsense optimization. If you have a new website or blog it is best not to try and monetize until you are getting at-least 200 original visits a day. Even then your earnings will only be around $200 – $300 dollars a month. New webmasters check adsense stats all the time. This is really not the thing to do when you are just starting out. Work on content, adsense optimization and links and the income will follow. Once you have decent traffic you can then earn with adsense!

You really do not need to paste Adsense ads everywhere on a page for adsense optimization. The video below will help give you an overview on how to maximize google adsense and do adsense optimization for better revenue.

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