SEO, eCommerce & Conversion Rate Optimization Expert

Many people do not understand where quality traffic comes from, how people move through their site, and how to get those people to become buyers. I help you understand it all!

If your website has suffered in Google search results, I can help get you back on track!

You want and need quality traffic to your website

The simple fact is if you don’t get quality traffic to your website you are wasting your time & money.

Then, once you have quality traffic you need to know how to convert those into brand advocates and repeat buyers. If you don’t your business will never survive period!

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SEO & Website Audits

It all starts with a site audit to see how well it’s performing in search. Then it’s about proper content creation and quality link building.

Content Marketing

Content is king and always has been. I can show you how to create quality content that gets results not only in Google but with people.

Getting Conversions

Making your site convert takes more than just attracting quality traffic. You need to know where your site is leaking money!


Ecommerce is about attracting quality traffic and converting them into leads. I can show you the hot, warm, and cold of it all.


Todd knows traffic and e-commerce like nobody’s business. It’s amazing what he can do to help you get quality traffic and customers.

Edward Perez – Owner

Todd is single handily responsible for my companies explosive growth these last few years. The leads I get are incredible.

Paris Bardo – Owner Oasis Window Cleaning

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Todd and I can say without a doubt he is one of the greatest marketing minds I have ever seen.

Paulette Kaplan – Owner Greenair

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