5 Top Seo Blogs You Need To Be Reading

The internet marketing space is riddled with bad crap advice, especially where seo is concerned.  I have seen this industry take on a life of it’s own over the past 20 years.

New people have come in and are now considered the experts everyone should be listening to, because they are in the know.  Now, while everyone new is not inherently bad just because they are new, you just have to watch who you take advice from.

The problem is many new digital marketers do things like publish a case study and proclaim to the world, this is the way things should be done.

But, honestly it really doesn’t work like that and while some of those case studies can be valuable, they can also be dangerous at the same time.  Just because something worked from one site’s seo, does not truly mean it will work for all sites.

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Sure, there are rules, ideas and concepts search engines like Google follow when ranking sites but, each site is different from the start.  They will have different navigation, a different structure and many other things that may make them seem the same but really different.

So, instead of reading all the new posts about “I ranked this” and I ranked that, why not read some theory that makes sense and allows you to form an opinion from learned cognition.

After all, that’s really why you go to school isn’t it?  You go because you are taught theory but also how to think on your own.

When you can take the theory you have learned, and learn how to use it and, apply it to certain situations, that is how great web marketers and seo’s are born.

Because, not every situation you come across will be the same.  Sure, there are concepts and teachings you will follow to get there.  But, that’s only the beginning.

So, here is my list of blogs you should be reading and leaning from every month.

#1 The Seo Theory Blog by Micheal Martinez

Micheal is a true pioneer when it comes to not only just seo, but web marketing.  If you take the time to read his articles, you will see he is dead on many times.

While not every one is dead on all the time, Micheal comes close.  But, more importantly, in his writings he makes you think.  He makes you question what others say is gospel.

It’s this type of thinking, that can help you become great at what you do.  You see, Micheal does not just read something and go, that’s it, that’s the way it should be done.

I highly suggest you read what he has to say, and do not get pissed if you don’t agree with him.  He has a lot to teach if you subscribe to his private news letter.

# 2 Eric Ward

While Eric is not a true seo by trade, what he does can directly affect seo.  Eric is a link builder, and just about the best around and has been doing it longer than most.

Some of Eric’s clients include the likes of Amazon.com, and he got started way before Google was even thought of.  Legend has it, Mr Ward was building links for his clients to get traffic to their sites and then one day Google came around.  Well, he noticed all of his clients sites were ranking in or near number one spots.

So, what was he doing for this to happen?  he was building relevant, classic good links, that would get traffic to his clients sites.

Eric is the God Father of link building and you need to read what he writes.

#3 Bill Slawski of Seo by the Sea

What can I say about Bill other then he is true genius.  Bill writes about Google’s patents mostly and provides very interesting and correct info about them.

The reason you want to really read what Bill says, is because he reports on many things that can affect your search rankings today and tomorrow.  There is no one else who talks about what he does.

#4 Bruce Clay of Bruce Clay Inc.

Bruce is another true pioneer of search engine optimization.  Bruce also wrote the book on Seo for dummies.  One thing Bruce is really good at and helped me to understand better, is the Seo silo concept.

Bruce really understand what a search engine like Google, is looking for when it comes to your website.  His website is also filled with relevant, good information anyone new and old in the seo and digital marketing space can learn from.

#5 Rand Fishkin and Moz

While many people have labeled Moz as the white hat agency, that should really be of no concern.  Moz goes deep and really teaches you many idea’s and concepts you will find no where else on the web.

Trust me, when your done listening to all of the BS new marketers out there, Moz will still be there.  Rand and his team provide many many teachings anyone can learn from.  And if you really dig into Moz’s site, you can find tons of good quality training for free.

Well, this was a quick run down of the blogs I read before many others.  What most of these blogs do for me is provide a way to filter out the BS and get to the real things.

There is so much junk on the web these days about seo and online marketing in general.  But, reading these blogs will help keep you grounded.