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Todd has taken our simple iPhone repair shop from nowhere to a powerhouse on Google in a short amount of time.

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Hello, and thanks for stopping by my about page.  This is my little corner of the world where I get to tell all.  Several people have asked me to tell my story and now I will.

How It All Started For Me

Radio-shack-TRS-80It all started for me when I was 14 years old or way back in 1984.  Honestly it started sooner when I was introduced to the Apple II computer while in junior high school.

However, at 14 my parents bought me my first computer the Radio Shack TRS-80.

I had to hook this computer up to the television set and it also had a cassette deck to save the programs.  I remember writing simple programs to play music.  My first was “When the saints go marching in”.  I hated programming too.

After this I would use friends computers up until I was about 22 or 1992.  This is when I was able to purchase my first real computer from a friend who worked at a place in Cleveland at that time called Sun Television & Appliances.

I bought a Windows 3.11 machine.  At that time there really was no internet as we know it today.  So, friends would come over and we would search bulletin boards looking to connect with others.

It was at this time I started to become interested in Online Marketing.

I recall thinking about how I could market to people on these Bulletin boards.

I then discovered Usenet Newsgroups.  I would learn how to market various things on the groups overtime.  I remember reading an article about how one woman started her business by marketing in these groups, This was about 1995 when I was 25.

So I started marketing various things with some success.  LOL, I would not recommend doing this today as it’s called spam now.  But this was how things were done back then.

windows-95On August 24th 1995, Microsoft released Windows 95 which revolutionized the computer industry and became all the rage.  This changed the way I would market online.  Yahoo was also introduced in 1994.

The On Set Of SEO

After Yahoo.com was released, SEO was all about keywords and stuffing as many as you could on the page, titles and description.  It truly was whoever had the most keywords stuffed would win.

corey-rudlAlso, around about 1994 I remember reading about Corey Rudl of the Internet Marketing Center.  He got his start selling an Ebook online called Car Secrets Reveled.  Corey went on to develop the Internet Marketing Center which was a huge success.

He would release several variations of his Internet Marketing Secrets course of which I was an avid reader.

Corey was a huge influence on me and my internet marketing career.  Corey was truly an online marketing genius.  One of the greatest assets I learned from Corey was test, test and test some more.

Sadly Corey passed away in a car accident in 2005.  He will be missed.

I would call up to the internet marketing center on a regular basis and talk with Corey and his protégé Derek Gehl, from time to time.  Derek is a really awesome guy who knows a lot.

His Entrepreneur Ignited Series is awesome, I would defiantly check it out.

tom-bosleyAnother project I would take on back around 1995 was working with SMC (specialty merchandise corporation) who featured Tom Bosley in their commercials.

This was a side venture but I would work with their internet marketing department back then to marketing customers websites.  (Yes, that’s the father from “Happy Days”. lol)

The Google Rocket

google-first-logoAll the while this was going on, Google was quietly starting up, ready to change the world.  And when Google came on to the scene, they blasted on.  And Google truly changed SEO and the way people market online.

Google changed everything in every way as we know it.  Google Adwords was the newest and only advertising platform of it’s kind when released.

I remember people talking about how bad the search results were on Yahoo and they were quietly recommending Google.  Google by no means was perfect back then but it was way better than anything at the time.

Famous Projects

acne2Around 2001 I was also getting involved with Juan Walker and Chris Gibson of Acnefreein3days.com.  I originally started helping design the website and would work on SEO techniques with Juan weekly.  Below you can find a link to the original launch design from back in 2003.  You can even see my name in the testimonials if you scroll down the page.


Acnefreein3days was a huge hit for Chris Gibson and has remained a #1 best seller in the Clickbank market place for many years.  Although, I think Chris is now selling on a different platform.  Chris was and still is a genius copywriter.

Also, in 2001 I started the Redotto.com which was my marketing consulting business, this domain was later picked up by a photo booth software company.  You can see the website I had back in 2003.


It was with this company I started consulting business’s how to market online.  Yes, I was doing this back in 2003, way before most.


In 2005 I would release an Ebook called Virus Hacker Free In An Hour, with the help of Juan Walker.  You can see the original website below.


This website commanded over 10,000 email subscribers and went on to sell a good amount of copies after much work of SEO and press releases.  All of the marketing tactics that worked way back then.  I then later turned the website into an Adsense website making almost $2000 a month form articles.  I was well into SEO at this point and it was truly my passion.  This was why I got rid of the Ebook.

I would hold various jobs in IT, SEO and online marketing and continued to consult small companies and corporations about online marketing and how to sell their businesses online.

In 2011 I would start this website toddjir.com and later in 2012 start my new company Website Marketing Pros.

There is much more to my story and this is just an overview.  Keep checking back as I will be adding more and more about my online marketing journey.

bully-the-kidCurrently, I have been working with “Bully The Kid” From Animal Planet on some writing SEO projects.  You can listen to some of his radio work below.


I also have been quoted on Yoast.com for my work.

If you want to learn what I know about SEO then go over to my learn search engine optimization page