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28 years of SEO & Ecommerce experience

Todd has been in online marketing since 1995. During this time he developed his SEO, Ecommerce & Conversion skills. Content can be your number 1 marketing channel if you let it. You can also contact me on Linkedin.

Todd is available for hire, contract work and consulting.

28 years experience

SEO Master

Grew Ecommerce sites into Millions

content Expert

Conversion Expert

WordPress Expert

I started my SEO career back in 1995 when Yahoo was a thing. Back then things were very different in SEO than they are today.

Around 1999 I met two gentlemen who were selling health info eBooks online. I was also very good at designing website and they hired me to develop their niche sites. It was during this time where we all put our heads together and really dug into SEO.

SEO at that point became a way of life. I would often eat, breath and sleep with search engine optimization on my mind.

I learned that content is more important then most SEO’s think. Content is the gas to the Google engine and it’s important for bringing back people to your website. If your content doesn’t have substance or human element then you have no readers and no conversions.

Today the search landscape is changing faster than anything. But most of the concepts have stayed the same. Stay in your lane, produce quality expert content, be relevant and answer the searchers query.

With all the talk about AI content and ChatGPT and Google Lamada being added to search it’s and exciting time. We have yet to see what is going to happen.

I was the SEO Director For Bullymax.com between 2012 – 2019 where I was able to grow the company by 40% each year. All sales came from online endeavors.

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I am a platinum author at Ezine articles since 2005.

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