Monetizing your blog!

So, you may have a blog or you may want to start one.  Either way, one day when you traffic reaches decent levels you may want to make some money from affiliate programs, Google Adsense or some others.

But, the big question I get all the time is, what do I use and how do I use them.

Well, if you are asking the same questions about affiliate programs, then today you are in luck as I will answer some of these questions for you.

But before we jump into them, let me cover on important aspect for new bloggers.

Try SEO PowerSuite

Before you run out and start finding affiliate programs, please make sure you have decent traffic levels coming into your site.  Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business.

And, if you monetize too soon, then you can be in for great disappointment.

Make sure you study this blog and others when you are first starting out so you can get up to speed on what it takes to make it.  Whew!  Now that we have that out of the way about traffic!  lol.

Picking offers!

The answer to the question about affiliate marketing is actually very simple.  Why?  Well, you first of all pick only programs you use and believe in.

Now, there are other bloggers out there who use all kinds of these and do a great job of reporting and writing about the offer.  One such blogger is John Chow.

John does a great job after being in the blogging business now for many years.  He has a certain way of finding a product and then writes about it and tells others what he thinks in his posts and sometimes offers the affiliate program link.

So, with your blog and, you need to think about the type you have.  Then think about all the things you have used over the years and what products you believe in and start picking some.

It really doesn’t matter what type of blog you have.  You could have a blog about gardening or whatever and I am sure you can come up with something for affiliate programs.

For example with the gardening blog idea, maybe you went to home depot all the time and really believe they are the best for certain products.  Well, there you have it.

Next just check and see if home depot has a affiliate program where you could link to certain products of theirs from some of your posts or pages.

The key here when using these is really believing in the product and or service.  You see, when you have used the product first hand then when you write about it, your readers will really see you know what you are talking about.

Just like what I am writing about here.  Do you think I know what I am talking about  Your right I sure do.  I have been doing websites and affiliate marketing since 1994.

So, I know a lot about the subject.  Think about it doesn’t come across in my writing?  This is a subject I am very passionate about and know a lot about, so it comes across as valid and real.  So I could offer some I believe in.

So case in point!  Always pick ones you believe in and have no problems talking abou.  Yes, it’s really that simple when it comes to affiliate offers.

How to put offers into your blog!

Now, once you have some programs picked out you will need to mention them or advertise them on your blog.  And let me tell you this is another whole different story here.

But, again keeping it real is what sells.  Now, you could use banner ads and other ads on the side of your blog for your affiliate programs.  And believe me these places do sell products.

But, you will also want to mention them in your posts.

For example you could write a post about something you do for gardening and add a few links. (Yes sticking the the gardening example.) So you write a post about how you get your garden ready in the spring time.

Then somewhere in your post you talk about how you dig up your garden with your MTD rototiller.  Well, at this point you talk about this rototiller and how it has helped you with your garden.

You pre-sell not sell.  Do not put buy here links.  But, instead use “click here for more information” type of links.  You don’t want to hard sell your affiliate programs.

You want to gently mention your affiliate offers to your readers.  And remember try and use things or products you use and have experience with.

Also, you don’t want to pollute your blog with too many.  Like I mentioned above, just casually mention them once or twice on your blog within your relevant post and you will be surprised at the amount of times they are clicked.

Yes, these programs and marketing them works, just remember to keep it real and relevant.

Diversify your affiliate programs!

One lesson many have learned is to diversify the programs they offer.  After all you do not want to put all your eggs in one basket do you?  Many people learned this with Google Adsense.

Many people have been kicked out as of late.  There are all kinds of reasons and speculations going around.  I too was kicked out.  But, it doesn’t matter.  Just make sure you diversify your affiliate offers you offer on your blog.

Have a resources page for your affiliate programs!

One place you can list out all of the products and services you use for your affiliate programs is on a resources page.  If you are not using one, then get on it!  lol.

Really, a resource page is a great way to show your readers all of the products you use and how they can also help them.

Believe it or not, if you are becoming or are a authority figure in your chosen niche then people will want to know what it is you use and recommend.

Just list whatever products you use and if there is any affiliate programs you use, then make a link to it from the name of the product.

Picking affiliate programs summary!

So, if you have a blog and you want to make a little money from it then you need to start picking affiliate programs to offer in your blog.

Always remember to keep it real and use products you believe in and use personally.  Sure, if you see a great product and it has a affiliate program and you think it may offer your readers some value then go for and write about it.