Article Marketing In a Post Panda World

Article marketing in a post panda world
Article marketing in a post panda world

Article marketing is one of those things many people have done, attempted or just didn’t even try. Most webmasters would write an article and the release it to as many article directories as they could. Then something real happened as predicted by many experts. Duplicate content became a very real thing. So is article marketing still a viable strategy? The answer is yes, if done properly.

Linkbuilding expert Eric Ward has been preaching for a while now, article marketing is something that should not be done if a website is to survive. Matt Cutts, head of Google’s web spam team also does not like article marketing also. So then, how can article marketing be a viable web promotion strategy?

The answer is, write quality content and release it to other relevant websites. Article directories can still be a good place to release your articles but only if you put up one article on one or maybe two websites. was hit earlier this year as a content farm in the Panda upset by Google because they were starting to release poor quality articles.

What I believe in and do for article marketing is find websites that want content. I make sure the website is a good authority with a good amount of traffic. I find about 10 of these websites from research. Then I write an article for each one based on their website content. I then email the webmasters the article and hope it get’s published. I’ll give it a few weeks and if the article is not published on a certain website, I will then offer that article to another website I found through research. If you want to do effective article marketing, this is the way to do it. Releasing your article to thousands of directories is asking for trouble in my opinion. This is just filling the web with more spam.

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Of course you can do article marketing for seo. Writing your articles with seo in mind is a great thing to do. This way you can get traffic to your article and thus your website. However, like I said I would stay away from automated article marketing and article submission services. Some of the best internet marketing is done with good linkbuilding and articles on other relevant websites fits into that category. Like I said I tend to stay away from free articles directories and free article software.

Google’s Panda update has proven Google is starting to care about it’s search results once again. If you decide to use article marketing as a strategy, you have your choice of what to do.