Boost YouTube Sound and Volume


Youtube is a great thing to watch all kinds of videos and music.  But sometimes you want to boost the volume of youtube because well, you just want to jam out your favorite song and don’t want to go out and buy the cd.  But sometimes your computers volume can only go so high.  And you really cannot get a bass boost out of youtube.  Plus sometimes your speakers will only go so high.

So is there a way to boost the Youtube sound and volume.  You bet there is!  The easiest way is by using a program called VLC media player.  VLC media player is a great media player which can play just about anything you throw at it.  It’s a great alternative to windows media player.

First download VLC media player.  Once you have downloaded the player then open it and choose the media menu from the top of the player.

Then choose open network stream.

Select the network tab.

Next copy your youtube video address in the field provided without the http://

last, click the play button and press ctrl + Up to increase the volume.  And that’s all there is to it.