Change Autocad from a Standalone to a Network License


So the other day we had trouble with a few Autocad electrical versions which were installed originally as a network license reverted back to a standalone license.  This happened after one machine needed the software repaired through windows control panel and the other somehow just lost it’s license.

With everything in place like a Flexnet server and at least three license’s here’s how I changed everything back.  Just use the windows registry.


Now, right after the where it says AutoCAD is the version number.  If you have a few different versions of autocad installed you will need to choose the version you want to work on.  Next find AdLM and then choose type.  Now in Autocad versions 2009 and below you will want to use these to values.

the value of 2a (C-Dilla) to 19 (FlexLM).  That’s 2a for standalone and 19 for the network license.

Versions 2010 and above the values simply change to 1 and 2.  1 for network license and 2 for standalone.