Computer keeps restarting, here’s what to do

computer keeps rebooting

If your computer keeps rebooting then you will need to look at few things.  The first thing you should look at is, does your machine have a virus.

Viruses can shutdown a pc or make it reboot.  If you can get into regular windows mode then you can run a program called malwarebytes.

The Problem Could Be A Virus!

Which can be downloaded from  If you are still having the same problems, then try windows safe mode by pressing the f8 key at startup.

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Run malwarebytes in full mode and let it run until it is finished.  Once done, click show next results and clear out any found malware.

Then reboot your pc and see if the problem still happens.  If a virus was found then you will want to make sure you have some sort of virus protection loaded on your machine.

There are many free antivirus programs out there now.  You can download something like AVG or Microsoft security essentials.  If the problem was a virus then just make sure you update and run your virus protection at least every month.  If the problem keeps happening, start looking at other things.

Norton Antivirus can help keep everything free from viruses.  I use it personally on all my pc’s!

Are You Loading Too Much Software!

Now if you loaded any software on your computer problems start a couple of days after, then you may have the culprit.  Unload the newly installed software and see if the problem goes away.

Also, make sure you clean out your machine with a can of air.  Newer processors, if the heat sink gets a layer of dust on it it will need to be blown away.  This goes for laptops also.  If you keep having the same issue, start checking other things.

Use a can of air and perform quick short bursts around the fan of the laptop.  Dust usually starts to accumulate around one year after a computer is bought.  It could be sooner though depending on your environment.

Other things are hardware issues.  Things like memory, video cards and power supplies can all go bad.  The easiest way to find a hardware issue is to eliminate things one by one to find the issue.  You can also try to scan your memory to see if it’s bad.

Or if you just installed new hardware then that could be causing the problem and why the issue keeps persisting.  Make sure you take the newly installed hardware out and test the problem again.

Hardware drivers can also cause major problems.  For this you will need to go into the windows device manager and update your drivers.  If the pc still has the same issues, follow the plan below.

Try and troubleshoot the problem by following a plan.

  1. Check for malware.
  2. Unload any newly installed hardware.
  3. Unload any newly installed software.
  4. Update device drivers.
  5. Check the computers hardware.

Following a plan is your best course of action with reboot problems.  Please, always make sure you keep some sort of anti virus protection on your machine.

Here is a good video with Mark Russinovich about Windows troubleshooting.