Content Marketing Problems

Today we have more content marketing problems than ever. And I feel it’s getting worse, especially with the advent of AI writers.

Today I even saw a story on the news about ChatGPT and the issues it is causing with college and high school for papers. Kids are now using ai to write their term papers and turning them in. Some are getting caught and some are not.

A Much Bigger Problem

There are many issues I see now and in the future for content marketing. Currently, this is being a huge issue for Google. In certain patent reports, Google is using AI detection technologies. But AI detection is not very advanced just as AI writers are also not fully advanced as of this writing.

The problem is AI technology is developing at a very fast rate. And Google it seems is having a hard time keeping up.

Even if You Write Your Own Blog

Even if you are writing from your brain on your own site, from what I see, has the potential to get caught up in the AI revolution mess. This because we have been trained to write a certain way and ai technology is starting to mimic this.

I have written several articles and have used several tools to check them. Now, again these tools are in their infancy. But in some of the tools because of the way I write, it was flagging the text as GPT2 text.

So, this is something to look at now and in the future if you are fully human writing your blog. If you are having indexing issues in Google, check a tool such as GLTR to see what it shows about your writing.

Giant language model test room

AI is getting better all the time

I remember when writing software such as Jasper started to appear. Heck, I even started to look at it and gave it a try. I was impressed a bit. It wrote fast and quick. But, when you really read over the text, it was not as good as I initially thought.

I mean writing is not my favorite activity to do, especially on a daily basis.

Currently in 2023, A.I. writers get a lot of facts wrong in the writing they produce. And this is a big one if you just blindly publish ai written articles on your site. This is another place where Google can stop this type of writing. Google’s knowledge graph is hard at work fact checking articles and stopping those from even appearing in their search engine.

But the point here is Open Ai is developing their technology just as any company does. So the technology will continue to get better overtime.

open ai

The Problem Finding Good Writers

I don’t know about you, but I am having huge issues finding good writers. Especially since 2019 to current. I mean it was hard before to find a good writer especially overseas. But now, since AI technologies its even harder.

I have looked for a good writer and have wasted money. Almost everyone I asked to produce an article for me was using some form of AI writer. I could tell easily once I read the articles. They were hastily edited and poorly put together.

It’s become a huge crap shoot now, even with writers who are charging $100 or more for an article and were well known as human writers. Even they are starting to use artificial technology now.

A.I. Detection To The Rescue?

As I talked about before there is ai detection software on the market. And Glenn Gabe has been kind enough to put together a nice list of ai detection tools, that he continually updates.

So, be sure to watch Glenn’s page for more updates on detection tools.

I don’t have a problem per se, with AI writing

I think AI technology can be a great thing for us. But, just like anything else it can also be used for bad. Yes, it can be used for spamming, fake news and more.

But, I feel it can also really help us with our tasks and abilities.

How many times have you stared at a blank page when trying to write something? I know you get this. It happens to me all the time. Well, ChatGPT can write your headlines, headings and more. I personally would rewrite the headlines or anything else. But it can be a great start for writers block.

If you use AI in a responsible way then, I think its great and can be very helpful.

If I really know a subject I can write a decent article within an hour or less. But, if I have to research and more then it can take a lot longer time.

I Get The AI Revolution

I fully get people wanting to use AI for writing on their blogs. Like I said above it can take a really long time to write. And, if you outsource your content to writers, have you really ever looked at the cost of hiring a writer to produce quality content? It can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce quality content.

So there are no guarantees when ordering content from anyone. Unless you have a fool proof plan you have no idea if you are going to make your money back.

And as a human we usually look for the easiest way to do something.

But the new way of doing this is going to cause us many content marketing problems now and in the future.

Google is already changing the way they do things. And who knows in ten years if Google is still the biggest search company around.

Paraphrasing Content

Another huge issues I see a lot is writers paraphrasing content. They find a keyword and then re-write the content in the same manner from top search results. This is a mistake from people who do not know search.

Google has been told by their users they want content that is original and different on the top search results. If you have ever asked for advice from experts in their field, you can get different answers from all of them. Each expert will usually have a new spin on what they tell you.

Copyleaks is a great tool to check for paraphrasing.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is another issues for content marketers. And this can happen in the following ways:

  • Duplicate content on your site. Author uses same language
  • Scrapers steal your content and post it all over the internet
  • WordPress CMS, your categories can show duplicates of products and articles
  • You copied words from another website

Always make sure to check for duplicate content on your site. One of the easiest ways to check on your site is with Siteliner.


Content Distribution Problems

This is another part of content marketing that marketers can drop the ball on. Making sure your content is distributed is and important part of content marketing.

The general ways to do this are, with social media, your email list and emailing others about what you made.

However, where some folks go wrong is they use a service to slam their content all over the place. The problem is, you are distributing the same articles with the same links everywhere.

This is the exact same process as low quality press releases use but with just articles. These sites love to use you were on news Channel 5 with your content.

But, with current Google algorithms these are working less and less.

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