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Eric ward, is one of the foremost experts on building links for a website.  He has been around since the early 90’s and is what’s known as a white hat link builder.

I have been following Mr Ward ever since I can remember and agree with many of his theories.  He has been my secret weapon for traffic!

He has proven other internet marketers wrong over and over again.  Although I do not agree with everything Eric says, I follow just about everything he does.

He has predicted many things about SEO no one else ever thought of.  Things like the current Google Panda update and backlink profiles.

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His thoughts are always on the forefront of the industry.  Mr. Ward is someone you really want to listen too.

He was building them this way back in the early 90’s even before search engines were big.  He even helped Amazon.com get off the ground and helped to make it a success.

After he was getting them for a few years then came along the search engines.  Just about every website he did this for for ended up in the top results.

This made Eric wonder as to what he did to get such good rankings.  After careful study he was able to determine it was the type and how he did it.

One thing he will teach you is how to get quality backlinks which stand the test of time.  If you’ve been building them at all for a while you know it’s no longer the amount pointing to your website it’s about the quality.

Eric Ward teaches this all the way around!

Eric Ward, building his way!

Eric even dispels current anchor text practices and other methods in use today.

He states, it’s not about any of that, it all about where you place the link and how trustworthy the websites you placed them on is.

He is defiantly the man I listen to.  His techniques have saved me hours upon hours of work.  I also have to build less because the ones I get are quality.

It does take some work to obtain good links, but if you care about your website and want it to last a longtime then put quality over quantity.

Building for traffic!

Another thing he also teaches is getting traffic with his methods.  Eric is famous for saying, “If there were no search engines tomorrow, you better have links.”  How true this is.

If you have a good program you can get a decent amount of website traffic.  He states only 16% of his traffic comes from Google and the rest are from links.

This should tell any webmasters, this is an on-going process and when done over time can bring in a good amount of traffic.  Sure getting them is boring at times but you have less reliance on any search engine.

Eric ward was link building years back!

I once remember reading Corey Rudl’s internet marketing secrets where he said they have one person dedicated to link building.  All this person does is contact other webmasters asking for them.

And guess what?  They are not asking for reciprocals either unless they really want to.  This is a very powerful technique when looked at this way.

It does not seem very cutting edge today but it works when you work it and don’t give up on it.  If you follow him, you can see your website sky rocket with traffic.

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