Penguin 2.0 is coming! Are you ready?

Google Updates!

Google will be releasing another update soon!

SEO’s abound are gearing up for Google release yet another update to Penguin.  Yep, Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s web spam team released an announcement via twitter.  So, is your website ready to handle the new change, which Google says will be even more significant then then first?

The first Penguin update took out a ton of websites and blogs from the search results and the 2nd is aiming to do even more collateral damage with the latest Google updates.

So, why is this happening? Why so many Google updates?

Well, I believe this is happening for two reasons.  First, Google is trying to make their search results better and keep blackhat spammers to a minimum.  Google is getting better everyday at figuring out what should really be at the top of the search results.  And I believe they want authority and meaningful content.

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google updates2nd, Google is also a business.  One must understand Google makes most of it’s revenue from Adwords, which is Google’s advertising system on the right side of any search results page.  It has to protect it’s advertising darling by making search results better for users.  Also, keeping webmasters on their toes forces many of them to use advertising for websites.

Google is just getting plain better at understanding what it’s users want.  You see, what Google wants is real site from real people filling up the search results.  This get’s rid of the average Joe, who hears about SEO and has a light bulb go off in their head and they start thinking they can enter all types of markets and build thousands of websites about topics they know nothing about.

I am a webmaster, how do I protect my blog or websites from updates?

Ok, you have a website or blog and you want to know who to protect it from Google updates.  First off realize no one is safe totally from these updates.  But, what you need to do is learn about link profiles first and foremost, then, proper anchor text usage and then proper on page optimization.

Link profiles.

In the older seo days, it used to be a link was a link.  Now that is not the case so much.  One good link can be worth a thousand bad links.  And Google is looking more and more and natural and un-natural link profiles.  What Google wants is trust and relevance from links.

The rate at which links are built.

They are also looking at the rate at which links are being built.  If they see a thousand links built to a website in one day and then nothing, that is a serious red flag.  Build links like you are in a marathon.  Slow and steady.

Anchor text.

The first Penguin update was all about anchor text and unnatural usage of it.  If you have a website selling black shoes and all your links are using the anchor text “black shoes”  Well, you are in trouble.  What they want to see is a more natural link profile consisting of anchor text with things like the words “click here” and other things.  Listen, people with regular blogs knowing nothing about seo do not use anchor text when linking to other sites.

Learn a little about links and link profiles.

What you need to do as a webmaster is learn about links a little.  Majestic SEO has a great page on their blog explaining about link flow metrics.  Trust is an important factor.  Once you learn about these flow metrics and where to look for and get these links, you can find better links which stand the test of time and Google updates.

Quality content.

Now, it is true, you can rank crap.  I will not debate this.  Even Becker at source wave has proven this.  But what Google can see, is how people use your content and if they like it or not.  They see this with bounce rates and if a searcher clicks right back to the search results after seeing your page.  So, quality content is what will keep you at the top also.

Learn other ways to get traffic!

One things that drives me nuts is, people are so stuck on search and SEO, they forget, is really a bad business model.  Why is it a bad business model?  Well search can be worse than the stock market, always going up and down with each and every algo change Google does.

So, what you as a webmaster or blogger need to do is learn other ways to get traffic.  Search should just be one on your list.  Sure, it’s an important one that’s true.  But there are many other ways to get readers to your blog.

I can think of two ways off of the top of my head to get readers to your blog.  One is with Facebook.  And the other is with Pod-casts.  With Facebook you build up and audience and once you get them built up, it’s like a huge mailing list.  You then release great quality content to your followers.  You can learn more about Facebook marketing here.

Podcasts are a little different.  You are in a sense doing a radio show.  Make sure you have interesting things to say in your shows and you will gain a loyal following.  Lean all about Podcasts from Pat Flynn.

Of course their are other ways to get traffic to a blog or websites and these include Pay per click (Google Adwords), banner ads, ezine ads, press releases and more.  But, the two I mentioned should get your started.

Well, there you have it.  A small little rant about the next Google updates and how you can learn to protect your website or blog a little.  I would suggest learning all you can about link building and building proper links.  This way you have a better chance of your website not being hit by a hot mess of Google updates.

Here is a video from Josh Bachynski who has a Phd and I consider very smart when it comes to seo to help you understand some of the updates coming out for 2013.