How to do small business seo

I am asked all the time by small business owners how to make their website better and how to get more traffic.  In this post I’m going to teach you how to do small business seo.

how to do local seoThere are many factors that are involved with local seo.  And the biggest problem I see with small business websites is they are missing the mark in many areas.

Small business owners usually have a website made with about 4 or 5 pages add it to their server and expect the traffic to come pouring in.  It really doesn’t work like this at all.

Your website may age and you might have a good keyword rich domain and someday you may get listed for your local top term.  But usually, just getting listed for one local top term is not going to bring in tons of business.  While it may bring in a decent amount, you surly could be doing better.

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Content And Keywords

This is just about the biggest thing I see most small business’s not taking advantage of.  And that is, not having enough content and not searching for enough keywords.  SEO is kind of like a lottery.

The more keywords you find and the more content you write, the more chances you have of being found for free in all the search engines.

If you only offer a few services, then try and find variations of your business.  Such as “computer repair” & “pc repair”.  Those are two very like terms but could be (notice how I say could be.) very different to Google and other engines.  More on that later.

The point is, content is what make search engines tick.  The more you have the better you will do.  But you also need to be researching keywords.  These are the words people actually type into Google to find things.

So, never give up writing for your small business website.  Always try and add useful and helpful content your potential customers can find.

There is much more to making this process work, like informational keywords, buyer keywords and more.  But for the purpose of this article, just remember to always either be blogging about the keywords you find or adding more pages.

Backlinks and Local Citations

Another huge mistake I see small business owners make is, not getting enough local citations.  What is a local citation?  A local citation is a listing on a website like or even

You want to get listed on a good number of these.  And you want your business name, address, phone number and hours to be the same on all of them.  If you have half of your local citations saying you close at 5:00 pm and the other half saying you close at 6:00 pm, Google will lose trust in your site.

One place you can look to for local citations is Moz Local.  Moz will give you a ton of information about local search engine optimization and marketing.

And do not fall for cheap link building services.  Google can penalize your website without warning and even kick you out of their search listings.  So, do not fall for it.  Stick with local citations and you will be fine.

Technical SEO

You may want to think about hiring a local seo expert to do a audit of your website for technical issues.  Technical issues are one of the biggest problems I see many times on small business websites.  I’m not going to go into detail here but just keep it in mind.

Always Stay Out In The Open

Always include pages about your business, privacy policy and a terms of services page.  These build trust with users and Google.  If you don’t these pages, then what are you hiding?

This is just a basic list of how to do local seo.  If you want to learn more about seo then read my more in-depth seo article.  Here I go into way more detail about search engine optimization.