How to Get Traffic to Your Blog

How to get traffic to your blog is a question many people ask all the time.  Blogs are not new by any means and many people start them everyday.  One of the biggest questions people seem to ask is how do I get people to my blog?

And the answer is content!  The more content you have the more chances you have of being found from one of the big three search engines.

Get traffic with links!

Now, on the other side of getting visitors is links.  Once you have content, you will need links pointing to your blog also.

Links are how the search engines gauge how popular your site or blog is.  Links will help raise your search engine rankings but they are not the end all and be all.  A problem arises when, people try to boost their link popularity in ways Google deems bad.

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They go out and get all kinds of bad links that are nowhere near relevant to their website or blog.  Just search this website for more about building links.

The Magic Of Content!

Content is king on the internet.  If you have a good amount, then you have visitors.  But your content needs to be good and not just run of the mill.

You always want to build your content for your visitors first and search engines later.  Sure, do all the proper seo things you need to do, but ultimately you need to build an experience for the user.

how to get traffic to your blogSure you can have all kinds of traffic day in and day out, millions of pages views if you will.  But if your content is no good to anyone then you will have no readers and no clicks.  This is not an answer for how to get traffic to your blog.

Keyword Are The Engine!

Keywords are how people find you in the search engines.  So you will want to do proper keyword research.

On this blog, sometimes I do keyword research for some posts and other times I do not.  Again, I build this blog for people and not search engines.

John Reese of released an email not that long ago I read that really awnsers this.

He talks about one of the best ways to start a business on the internet.  In his email he listed companies like AOL which use content as their business model to get many visitors.

In it he states that these companies have so many pages they are found everywhere.   This is so true.

So, in the end you have to be willing to put in the work and the time to get your site off the ground, you need and so badly want.

Sure, there are many ways to get eye balls looking at your site on the internet.  Content is just one strategy.

Other Ways To Get Visitors!

Google is the biggest source of visitors for many websites but you want to learn how to get visitors in many different ways.

Why?  Because, with all of this content you run the risk of someday losing traffic because most of your visitors will come from the search engines.

This is where link building will come in.  What if you have thousands of pages and one day you get booted from a search engine?

Then what?  You have two choices.  Either start over again or link build with visitors in mind.

Trust me I know.  I had a website which was making me about an extra $300 to $400 a month and one day it was kicked from the search engines.

Now, that doesn’t sound like a lot of money but it was a car payment.  and it helped bottom line.  So I went and learned new ways.

So you want to be careful what you do with your blog.  You will want to link build also.  And for this to work the right way you want to build links properly.

For this, search for Eric Ward on your favorite search engine and learn about link building.

If you build good content, overtime you will be build an investment.  An investment you can monetize and maybe one day make good money with.  Many people seem to get ancy and want things to happen right away.

Sure, I can totally understand.  But just as a house takes time to build so does a good blog.  It can take time but it’s well worth the effort.

So, you will need many pages to make it work for you and to get the traffic you one day want.  If you look at a blog like  Darren has over 28,000 pages on his blog.  All these pages drive people daily to his blogs pages.

Sure, it’s a lot of work but, in the end it’s worth it because you don’t really have to spend much money at all.  The traffic comes naturally.

Once again though, just be careful how you do things if you get all your visitors from seo.  You need to look at the search engines like they are your partners and not try to game them.

Gaming them is not how you build a longterm business or website.

Now in the end.  If you post three times a day, after a year you will have 1095 pages in your blog.  That’s a great start.