How To Get Plenty of Website Visitors

After spending sometime in internet marketing making websites, you may be wondering how to increase traffic to your website and get more website visitors.

Plenty of people have failed when it comes to how to increase traffic and that’s no joke.

There are plenty of stories of people giving up after trying so hard on their website.  Take a look at the graph below.

This is just one of my websites I worked a little on for the year 2011.

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The website has about 30 articles and is in the dating niche.

And this is how to increase traffic and get website visitors.

Ok, you see that.  I threw that right in the middle of this post so you wouldn’t miss it.  Take a good long hard look at that graph from Google Analytics.  Ok, in this graph you see the whole year of 2011 for this website.

Doesn’t look like much for a way of how to increase traffic, I know.  10,860 visitors for the year and a little over 100 visitors a day.  But when you consider, this website has only about 20 really seo optimized articles and 30 articles total, you begin to see another picture here.

Now, I wrote all the articles around april of last year.  Well, that’s not entirely a true statement.

Because I did have about 10 articles written in about 2009.  So I wrote about 20 articles then in April of last year.  I made sure all 20 articles were optimized for search and included relevant keywords.

I then used seo powersuite’s website auditor to make sure each and every page was optimized properly, by the  website auditor is great for this.

This is really important for how to increase traffic with seo by really optimizing you pages and posts.

I then went out and got a few links pointing back to the website another thing you must do if you really want to know how to increase traffic, this is another important aspect.

If my memory serves me correctly, only a few were really good links and the rest were just some old links pointing back to the website.  And after all this, I did nothing to the website for the rest of the year, not much I know.  And as you can see it increased on its own for the rest of the year.

Oh, one more thing I did was, I got some ping backs and sent out some rss feeds.

Ok, so for those of you who are looking how to increase traffic to your website and get plenty of website visitors what does this tell you?  The first thing it tells me is I wished I would have worked on it more and got more inbound links pointing back to it.

But look at the bigger picture here.  I worked on this website for about a week or so and now it gets 100 or more visitors a day.  Well, you look at it that way, it’s not too shabby really.  This is how to increase traffic my way!

How to increase traffic, get visitors, what I did to make this happen.

So, like I said I didn’t work on this website too much, but those are not bad website stats for only working on it for a week or so.  Oh, before I forget I also did the same on another website with 20 articles right around the same time.

Take a look at the Google Analytics graph below and you’ll see how to increase traffic on another website.

Ok, now with this one you can see I have only 5,724 visitors for the year and between 50 to 75 visitors a day.  Again, I wrote the articles in about a week, got a few inbound links and then became busy and did nothing else.

Again, not great if you want to know how to increase traffic I know but,  Ok, so now we have two websites I did this for.  Yes, I know I should have worked on it more and I would have been able to show you better traffic stats.

But with this post, I just want to point out how to increase traffic even if you do little the right way.

So here’s how to get these website visitors.

Here is a list of how to increase traffic and the things I did for those two weeks when making both of these websites.  Before I list the run down, I can now work on these websites and get more website visitors like mad.

Ok, so on to what I did to make this happen.

What I did to make this happen!

  1. I used WordPress.
  2. I made sure every page was seo optimized.
  3. I used relevant keywords in every article. (This optimized the pages for other keywords.) I used keyword country free keyword Tool!
  4. I made sure WordPress was set up properly for things like duplicate content, htaccess.
  5. I got a few links from places like and a few other links. Great to for how to increase traffic!
  6. I kept everything real in the articles, offered real advice to help people etc..
  7. If I was selling any products I always told the story with a pre-sell.
  8. I chose decent traffic but not too much competition keywords.  This is important if you want to know how to increase traffic to your website.
  9. I also took a new course on seo which did teach me things I didn’t even know about how to increase traffic.
The course I am talking about is SEO FireStorm by Sean Donahoe.  It’s a brillant course which taught me things about how to increase traffic, even I didn’t know and I have been doing seo and linkbuilding for a longtime.
And, I am sure the list goes on for how to increase traffic, but it was a year ago so I can’t remember everything.  But you get the point, you can see what I did and get lots of website visitors.

Now my game plan for these two websites would be to write more articles and increase inbound links.  Plus I would follow everything else I listed above.

So you get the point, if you want to know how to increase traffic, it’s by working hard and doing all the right things.  Listen, Google is starting to sniff out made for Adsense websites more and more everyday.

This is why I keep it real.  Sure, I do increase traffic with obtaining back-links which bring me more visitors also but I also get traffic from places like Google.  I do not rely solely on Google and neither should you.

The most important thing for traffic generation.

One of the most important things I can tell you with this post is to keep it real.  Sure, I am sure you have heard the stories of Adsense millionaires putting up 100 websites and all.  But I can tell you those days of adsense are numbered.

Plus if you were kicked out of adsense then you may be doing affiliate marketing and with affiliate marketing you have got to keep it real or no one will buy from you at all.

But, that’s for another post.

So, you wanted to know how to increase traffic, there’s the way I did it for those two websites. Remember the most important thing I did was keep it real.

Because in the end everything else does not matter if you cannot get someone to take the action you want them to take.  If you really want to know how to increase traffic always, always keep it real.