Make Money Blogging

Starting a blog is a great thing. But how do you earn with all your hard work?  Many people get into blogging everyday and wonder how they will make money from what they write. There are various ways you can earn an income and we will cover the most basic ones in this article.

Earning can be easy if you have a lot of pages. One thing you can do is display advertisements on your pages. Google offers what it calls it’s Adsense program where you can display ads and get paid when people click on the ads. There is also Adbrite and Chitika.

Make money blogging

Google to make money blogging!

The biggest one you can choose, is Google and it’s popular Adsense program. Google’s ad program is highly relevant when it displays ads. This means, Google will spider your pages and then decide what ads to show on your pages. The ads are usually highly relevant to to the content on your pages which is a very good thing. This is also known as contextual advertising and it offers a pretty good return for your website.

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All you need to do is sign up for the Google Adsense program from Google website and get your blog or website approved. You will want to have at least 30 pages of content on your website before applying. The reason is also because, you need content which is found in the search engines to earn from the program.

Affiliate marketing To Earn!

Another way to earn commissions, is to be an affiliate. There are places like which process money and transactions for makers of digital products. You can then take these products and use what’s called an affiliate link or banner on your website. When people click on these links or banner ads and make a purchase from the product owner then you make a commission off the sale. You can also become an affiliate for places like Amazon and Commissionjunction.

Another often overlooked way is, from donations. If you have an interesting blog you can even offer a free product, people will donate to your cause. People don’t believe this but it does happen and you can actually earn from donations.

These are the basic ways to have an income online or with your website. The one thing here is to realize that it does not happen over night and it does take some work on your part. The biggest thing you will want to do is write content and more content and then get backlinks. You will then be found in search engines like Google for many different keywords.  Scaling is really the secret.

In order to get an income as an affiliate, you should suggest links and write review pages for the products you want to point people to.  This is called pre-selling and is the best way to make commissions from affiliate programs.  You Don’t want to sell straight out of the gate.  Just throw in a suggestion so from a product you use.  And this is a big thing, is you need to only suggest programs you use.  The reason is your readers will start to trust you and if you are offering products you have no idea about then they will be able to sense this.  Remember to always keep it real and relevant on your blog.

Another great program which I use and taught me a lot about affiliate marketing is Site Build It from ken Evoy.  Site Build it taught me how to really build websites that get a lot of traffic and how to do proper affiliate marketing.

Make sure you build traffic.

One of the biggest reasons people do not earn any money is because of traffic.  When people start a blog they will feverishly check their web traffic stats, put up ads and hope they make income overnight.  It just doesn’t happen this way.  You need a decent amount of traffic.  Make sure you have at least 30 optimized posts with backlinks pointing to them before you even think about slapping up any ads.

Keep writing content which is good quality and relevant to your blog.  Make sure your pages are optimized for search engines but most importantly for people.  You can use website auditor to make sure you have everything in place for your pages when it comes to optimization.

Then you will need to start building backlinks.

The biggest point here is learn how to build traffic, without traffic you will not earn any money.  Building traffic is the foundation of any blog or website in order to produce an income from it.

Once your pages are up you can then start getting backlinks from guest posting and or blog carnivals.  Backlinks are very important for two reasons, they bring traffic and help with your search engine rankings.  Just be careful not to build backlinks to quickly for a new blog as it can hurt more than help.  When first starting out build only a few backlinks a week and then build on that after your blog has been around for a while.  The whole point here is, the search engines have to trust your blog and learn you are not a spammer.

So, again in order for anyone to really need to learn how to build traffic to your blog.  Traffic is your lifeblood of your business.

Testing ads, affiliate links

One thing you will need to do is learn to test your ads, affiliate links and however you monetize your blog.  This of course all takes place when you start getting a decent amount of traffic to your blog.  But the key here is to test everything.  Sometimes you can earn but, there can be a better way to make more money.  But, please make sure you just do not paste ads all over the place.  Your content is your most important elements.

Can you make money blogging?  You bet you can.  One often overlooked way is starting a mailing list.  The saying is, the money is in the list and this is true.  A mailing list is making money blogging on the back-end, but it can be one of your biggest revenue sources.  You should start a mail list right from the start.