Kyntronics Marketing Strategy

Kyntronics Marketing Actions

Questions that need to be asked are what industries and channels are best and what relationships can be made. What is the ideal prospect company revenue to go after?

We also need to figure out the market types including, ideal market, target marketing, problem solution aware and larger unaware market.

Cold Traffic

Since a large percentage of traffic will be cold, we need to figure out how to capture the market types attention.

Buying Cycle

When I talked with Wayne, he mentioned the buying cycle is a longer process. It needs to be figured out at what point in the buying cycle is best to reach the prospect.

Market Research

Have customer avatars been developed? What is the messaging for prospects? Is it more technical in nature?  What are competitors doing?

Have any customer surveys been implemented with questions to figure out why customers actually buy? This data should then be used in copy.

Front End Offer 

Is there any front end offer that can put into place to capture prospects attention?

Who is the ICP (Ideal Client Profile)?

Who is the ideal DMU (Decision Making Unit)?

  1. What is the number 1 goal of a prospect?
  2. What messaging attracts prospects?
  3. What do they search for?
  4. Where is the prospect currently online? Forums? Social?
  5. International. What countries need a presence?       

Website SEO

Kyntronics is ranking low on first page for terms such as hydraulic actuators.  Keyword and competitor research is needed to find BOF (bottom of funnel) keywords to attract new prospects. 

  1. Perform keyword research for better converting keywords – short tail, long tail, etc.  
  2. Better website architecture
  3. Perform a content audit and analysis
  4. Research competitors, intersecting and non intersecting keywords
  5. CTA’s – figure out which pages are grabbing leads
  6. Href Lang for international SEO efforts
  7. Google analytics, Google search console?  

Google Rankings

Hydraulic Actuators – Ranking #16

SEM, PPC, Paid ads

What efforts in the paid ads space is Kyntronics currently in? Is there any history of paid advertising to look at? What channel is best, Linkedin?  

  1. Find the best performing channel
  2. Create prospect grabbing landing pages
  3. Add leads to CRM for sales outreach 
  4. Create lead nurturing campaigns

Social Media

Kyntronics has a social media presence that can be amped up for better lead generation

Youtube – 117 followers 44 videos

Linkedin – 1139 followers 

Facebook – Not showing –

Email marketing 

Currently what email marketing is in place for leads?

Linkedin Marketing Efforts

Use LinkedIn sales navigator to find DMU and add them to CRM for outreach.

  • Find or create videos, podcasts, etc.
  • Pick out the best 15 second info from podcast and make a title of video addressing pain point of prospect.  

Ecom Plan

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