Marketing small business online!

Do you have a small business are you marketing small business online?  If you do, then pay attention.  Because I am going to give you some strategies about how to do online marketing.  Many small business owners see online marketing and it mystifies them to no end.

But, it doesn’t have to be like this.  You can hire a consultant (such as yours truly), or you can learn it for yourself.

Recommend Marketing Books.

Of course learning it for yourself will take some time, so I recommend pick up a few books or start reading some website having to do with selling online.  Below are a couple of website you could try.

Duct tape marketing – By John Jantsch – John is a great resource for owners.  Make sure you check out his website!

Try SEO PowerSuite

Guerrilla marketing – By Jay Conrad Levinson.  Jay has been around for years teaching small business owners how to market with little know secrets.

Your Marketing Plan!

Now, with all that being said and pointing your to some awesome resources, here are a few tips I have for you!

Tip #1 – Start networking.  I know, we’ve all heard this before.  But what I’m talking about is start getting to know other small business owners who have related companies.  So if you are in home improvement, then why not get to know a few landscapers and see if you guys can strike up a deal, where each one will promote the others service.  I know not an online tactic but it gets better.

Tip#2 – Start using your networking contacts.  Once you’ve made a few contacts with other small business owners and you have a website up and running, why not see if you guys can promote each other on your websites.

Tip#3 – Use banner advertising.  A while back I worked for a company in the steel industry.  I was starting to do their online marketing and I found a place where they could put up a small banner ad for only $10 a month.  They didn’t take advantage of it because they didn’t understand the power of scaling.  Keep finding more cheap places to put up banner ads and Bam, you have an instant source of automated website traffic.

Banner Advertising for marketing small business online!

The truth about banner advertising is it is not dead.  It is very much alive.  You just have to be very creative with it and it has to be very targeted.  Many people think it’s because flashy banner do not work.

While it is true catchy, flashy banners have less of a chance being clicked on, they can still work if they are targeted to the exact right audience.

Finding Your Target Audience!

Small business owners, giant corporate executives, directors all make the targeting mistake.  The reason is, they might find the right target of prospects, but do not get it right when it comes to advertising to them.  They do not speak to them clearly in their ads.  This is very important when marketing small business online.

You see, you have to figure out why it is your prospect will click your ad.  What do they want vs what they need!  Figure out who you are marketing too and then figure out what will make them take action.

Here’s an example.  A while back we were marketing my company Website Marketing Pros.  And we put up local Facebook ads advertising our website design services.

In the ad we wrote headlines like, “want a small business website”? And “Learn how to market your business online”?

And what happened?  Not one click on the ad.  Why?  Well we found the right target market on Facebook, Small business owners but we were not speaking to them correctly.  Instead, we should of invoked feelings with the correct pictures and the proper ad text.  So important when marketing small business online.

Here’s what we did to be more successful with the Facebook ads.  Now there are two ways on where you can send prospects with FB.  One is to your website or the other is keep them inside of facebook on your page.

So what we did was create an ad for small business owners again but, this time we wrote the headline as “Click “like” if you want more customers”.

And then we sent them back inside of Facebook to a landing page with a free marketing consultation for their website.

So, why did this ad work better?  Well the first ad didn’t really speak to them about what they wanted.  Yea, it’s true many business owners need a website, so when they saw the ad, they were like yeah yeah, I’ll get to it.

But the second ad spoke to them directly about what they wanted and that was more customers.  We spoke to them directly about the benefits of getting more customers.  And ever small business needs customers.

So, there you have it.  There are a few online marketing tips, you can take and see what you can do with.  It’s really not that hard once you get the hang of it.

Again, find your market and the learn how to exactly speak to them and find out what they need when marketing small business online.