Link building is important for your website

I’ve said before and I’ll say it again over and over. Link building is one of the most important things you can do for website promotion. Not only will it help with seo, but you can also gain traffic from good inbound links. However, like the great Eric Ward says, “If the search engines disappeared tomorrow, you better have links.” I don’t think the search engines will disappear tomorrow by any means, but he is correct when he stats this. You see, Eric gets 15% of his traffic from Google and the rest are from quality links he has built over the years. Take a look at his Alexa ranking. It’s very low.  It’s all from building quality.

link building

Now, the big thing here is, while it is true the search engines may not go belly up tomorrow, your website could. Yes, your website could be kicked to the curb by any search engine. And when that happens, you will lose traffic, visitors and sales all in an instant.

The other tool I use is SEO Powersuite.  Now, this tool is the dang diggity.  lol.  I mean powersuite is the cat’s meow, when it comes to link building.  I have used it to build many great backlinks other tools could not find.

Try SEO PowerSuite

Even if you are relying on pay per click marketing, the same could happen.

It’s All About Trust!

So this is why building quality is so, important. But many people really do not know how to build quality links to their website. So, they just do the usual spam of blog commenting, mass article marketing and anywhere else they can get a link from. This is why you need to learn how to use proper tools.

Tools to the rescue!

Ontolo is one such tool which can take everything to a whole new level. Ontolo has tools which can help you find quality links for your website or blog. You see, the days of crap link building are numbered. But if you learn how to build quality, a search engine trusts then you are ahead of the game. Ontolo will teach you how to do just that, build with quality in mind.

They also have a blog where you learn new, plus tried and true strategies.  They will teach you how to with guest posting all the way to finding quality websites with links pages.

It’s all about trust when it comes to links.  Quality goes a long way to help with search rank and traffic. And, when you know how to build them, you have to build far less links which will stand the test of time.

How to find trust!

What do I mean, it’s about trust? Well let’s say you have a website which sells dog food. Which link do you think is better? A link from a dog website from a lady named eve, who has had her site up for a few years. Or a link from Alpo dog food, which is a thriving dog food business website. Well in this case you may have answered Alpo dog food. But is that really the case? Sometimes yes would be the case and sometimes no would be the answer. You would have to look at the backlink profile of each website. But yes, generally in this case, Alpo would be the better choice for the link.

But what if Eve, on her Dog site had many quality inbound links from many dog training groups around the country? Let’s say she convinced 50 dog training groups around the country to link to her website.  And best of all, these were real non profit dog training groups. Well, this would also be a great link. Why?

Because a search engine would be likely to trust a website like this because of its association with these dog training groups. These dog training groups are trustworthy because they really are only interested in dog training and are less likely to game the search engines.

When you begin to think about trust you start to see what search engines want. Ontolo is a tool which will help you build trust and do proper link building.

How to build links!

Getting links is one of the most important things you can do for your website or blog these days.  Not only does it help with SEO but you can also get traffic from them, which are built with traffic in mind.  But it can be so time consuming and very task intensive.  However it’s just one of those things you need to get done if you want your website to be a success on the internet.  So how do you linkbuild?

Merit based links

Let us just say this first.  It all depends on what type of website you have and what you are trying to accomplish.  If you have a company website you want around for the long-term, then you will want to build merit based.  Merit based are the type which make sense and are relevant to your website or blog.  This is the best way to build links as they are not spammed links and take time to build.  They are built from like minded websites and take time to build.  Merit based links are not blog commenting, article marketing, social bookmarking or many of the other ways people usually build links.  Merit based links usually stand the test of time and are hard to obtain for linkbuilding.

Merit based is seeking out other websites which are relevant to yours and then asking for a link.  These websites usually have a links page which do not have many on them and awards links based on good quality content.

You see, merit based is awarded because of good and quality content.  Quality content is what search engines are seeking out more and more these days and are getting better at recognizing good from bad content.  So in the end, if you want to build good merit based types, it all starts with good quality content.

But, what if you outsource your content to a place like  What you need to do is find writers who specialize in the subject you want articles from.  Most writers will list if they write only about certain subjects.

So once you have your content finished you will want to start.  Most webmasters building links this way will use a excel spreadsheet.  But you can use a program such as LinkBuzz, which is a link content management service.  LinkBuzz will also help you search out merit based types.  Again, this takes time but it will also offer the most reward in the end.

So just how long does it take to build in this manor?  Well it all depends on how much time you set aside.  You will also not want to get links too fast and raise some red flags with the search engines.  You also need to set aside a decent amount of time for your new website, plan on at least a year before your website or blog is successful.

Reciprocal links

Ahh, the ever talked about reciprocal trade.  Many people now shy away from this because they say Google has said not to do it.  However, we cannot find evidence anywhere where they say it is bad completely.  What we read from them is about excessive reciprocals.  We see no reason why a few reciprocal link trades are not bad with good relevant websites.  However, just keep it to a minimum and only trade with high quality content websites who offer a link back.

Other forms of getting them are too often spam.  If someplace offers to get thousands of them within two days run fast my friend.


These are all ideas if you want your website to receive good traffic and stand the test of time with the search engines.  What we say is, good link building will forget about search engines and starts with building good relevant links from good traffic websites.  Start by searching with your most popular keywords and then look at the first two pages in all three major search engines.  Do they have a links page?  Do they not have too many on their pages?  Are they relevant?  Do they have good content?  Do they receive good traffic?

These are all questions you need to ask when building them for your website.  Building good quality will go much further than just spamming all over the internet.  Take your time and build good quality and you will be rewarded time and time again.