Linkbuilding Services

Linkbuilding is one of the most important aspects of SEO or getting traffic to your website.  If done incorrectly, your rankings and traffic could suffer as could our business.

If you have a business that relies on internet traffic, then you need links.  But, any old links will not do, you need the proper links built to your website.

White Hat Linkbuilding

We offer white hat linkbuilding services to our clients.  We have been linkbuilding for over 20 years and know what it takes to attract the best links for a website.  The links we build, do stand the test of time.

Even if there was no Google today, you would still needs links back to your website.  The world wide web is made up of links.  This is the foundation of the web.  In fact, back in the early 90’s when we started doing this, this was the only way people received traffic to their website.   Yes, links are that important.

How We Build Links

We are always open and honest with our clients.  After all, we have been involved with internet marketing for over 20 years.

We build relevant links to your website that will help with traffic and Google will approve.  The links we build stick and will be there for many years to come.  We know what websites to look for when it comes to linkbuilding.

What To Look For

While, we are not saying there are no other SEO firms who know what they are doing.  You need to be careful when it comes to links and link building.  Many new SEO firms are poping up all over the web and claiming to know all about SEO and linkbuilding, when the truth is they do not and have only been performing these services for a year or two.

Always ask any firm you work with how they build links back to your website.  If they do not show you how they work and are not transparent about it, then we suggest you stay away.

Many so called SEO’s are offering top rankings by way of bad link building called “private blog networks”.  These hucksters, will charge in the thousands of dollars a month and build links back to your website they control.  If they ever have a problem with you, they take down your links and your lose SEO rank.  Be very wary of this type of link building.  While you may profit in the short term or even for years to come, Google and other search engines are on the look out for this type of link building and ready to crush it at any given moment.

If your website is caught doing this type of link building, your site can be kicked out of Google at any given time, losing your traffic and all your profits.

We don’t know about you but, we like to sleep at night.

Bad Link Building Can Hurt Your Website and Profits

The wrong links built back to your website can have a detrimental affect on your web traffic and profits.  If you build the wrong links Google does not like, you will never see the traffic your business deserves.