Marketing Strategy

Once you learn all about the prospect, it’s time for a well thought out marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is important! Figuring out your competitors, where your market is online, & how to speak to them, etc. Your plan’s goals should be to drive awareness, engagement, and sales.

Primary goals should be to build a strong brand presence, cost effective customer acquisition and maximizing customer LTV through customer retention efforts such as tracking customer churn rates in eCommerce.

An all around effective marketing plan will cover multiple channels, quality content and a marketing funnel.

Also, is there an offer you can identify for prospects to introduce them to a company? Then, once they are a customer, they trust the brand and now you can introduce back-end offers.

Learning About The Target Market

Learn about the target market is paramount for business success. Many people forget this step or spend just a little time on it. But its crucial to keep learning about your target market. This way you can connect with them better in the future and write better copy for them. I always draw up a customer avatar.

Search Engine Optimization

Many times when I start a project, I will look at the website and identify the problems and issues. This includes looking at the technical seo, backlink profile, and the on-page. I will then do a thorough content analysis, looking for duplicate content and topical authority. I will ask questions like what other content can be created to answer pain points or can category pages be built for products?

Online Marketing Strategies

Paid Media

  • Search engine marketing on high-volume keywords (e.g. “green cleaning products”)
  • Social media advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok
  • Online video advertising on YouTube, streaming TV services
  • Affiliate marketing and online partnership programs

Owned Media

  • Content marketing including blog, video series, guides/ebooks
  • Email marketing and automated lifecycle campaigns
  • User-generated content featuring customers and influencers
  • Search engine optimization for top product/category keywords

Earned Media

  • Influencer marketing and product seeding on social platforms
  • Public relations and online press coverage
  • Customer reviews and ratings on e-commerce sites
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