How one man makes it happen with his blog

Ok, so I was surfing around on the internet the other day looking at online marketing strategies and I wasn’t finding much.

So I decided to head over to a fellow site build it person Tomaz of  It didn’t take me long to be off reading one of his great articles.

The thing I like about Tomaz is he is a Tennis pro turned internet marketer who has become quite good at his field.

So, I came across his article about Paul from  It was perfect for what I was looking for at the time about online marketing strategies.

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In the article Paul reveals his secrets to making his blog a success with Tomaz and all about what he does.

Let me tell you, the article is a real treat when it comes to online marketing strategies.  Paul really shares how he did it and doesn’t hold back at all.

The best thing I like how Paul shares about keeping things real on the internet.  As you guy’s know from reading my blog, when it comes to online marketing strategies, keeping it real and making your readers trust you is top priority.

And just in case some of you are asking why?  It’s because the internet is past what I like to call the fun stage.  Old online marketing strategies wore off and people now want to see things that are real and things they can trust.

So, with any online marketing strategies you take on always make it real.

So, what were Paul’s online marketing strategies?  Well, you can read the article if you wish, but I also want to share what I picked up from his success.

Now as you guy’s may or may not know.  I use site build it.  This is a great program which can teach you many online marketing strategies and really help you build a website that works.  

It’s worked for me and I know it can work for you too.

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Key 1 for website success.

Paul built a keyword list, which was not to competitive and where the keywords had value.  This is very important for online marketing strategies.

If you are ever going to get traffic from a search engine when starting a blog, you must choose low competition keywords but they also have to be able to monetize them.

Keywords are the biggest thing you need to spend time on for any online marketing strategies of a new blog or website.

Key 2 of success.

Paul made sure he wrote quality articles.  He did not just pump out articles.  No sir, no way.  For his online marketing strategies success he would take as long as needed to write an article to add value for his visitors.

Key 3 of blog success.

Paul built relationships with people and other blog owners.  One of the biggest online marketing strategies for success is building relationships.  Paul did just this.

By doing so Paul was able to get backlinks to his website, awesome for online marketing strategies.  Paul also looked for other blogs he could guest post on, a huge part of online marketing strategies.

By doing so he was able to get more traffic and again, valuable back links to his blog.  Paul knows, after creating a website, you have to let people know about it in some way in order to get people to it.

And guest posting was one of his best online marekting strategies which worked wonders for him.  Read Tomaz’s article and Paul shares how he looked for guest posting websites.

Key 4 of Online strategies success.

Paul made use of social media.  Social media is alive and well.  It is a very important part of online marketing strategies.  However, many people do not use it correctly for their website or blog.

Paul knew, he could build relationships with people through social media.  Building relationships this way is what marketing with social media is all about.

Never try to sell directly to social media.  Instead leverage it’s power over to your website.  Social media can be one of the best ways when used properly.

Key 5 of Online marketing strategies success.

Paul, works a full-time job.  So he decided to outsource what marketing activities he could.  This is very important for success.  Sometimes we try and take on way too much but not Paul.

He knows his limitations.  So he decided to outsource what he could not do.  Any online business owner knows, outsourcing can be a goldmine for your business.  It allows you to concentrate on other online marketing strategies that you are good at.

The big take away here is Paul did not give up.  He used all online marketing strategies to his advantage as much as he could.  Guy’s this is huge.  Please remember this.

When you start to build a blog and you are not getting anywhere fast.  Remember, things do take time and also remember do not give up.  Learn all the online marketing strategies you can and outsource the rest.

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