Maximizing Google Analytics For Online Success

google-analyticsGoogle Analytics is an exceptional tool for those wishing to dissect streams of data pouring in on a regular basis. Web data can be confounding at the best of times requiring patience, which many individuals lack. Yet, the value of Google Analytics is hard to shrug off for those wishing to optimize their processes and progress down a road of success. Let’s take a look at ways to maximize Google Analytics and ensure it provides long-term value. This read will showcase how using this tool is all about quality over quantity. Those who understand this will succeed, while those who don’t are going to struggle.

Maximizing ‘Path Length’ Report

This is present within the system and ensures web owners are able to maximize their analysis as required. This report can be found within the ‘Multi-Channels’ Folder and is an empowering option to consider. This is an incredible tool for e-commerce sites or those who are heavily reliant upon sales within their setup.

Path length demonstrates how many visits it took for a person to complete the conversion and pay for your service/product. Did it take one visit? Two? Perhaps even more? All of this information is present within this little report. It is quite powerful as one can imagine considering most setups are going to be dependent upon conversions and understanding how money is coming in.

Custom Alerts

These are incredibly underrated by most and should not be at all. Custom alerts are significantly powerful because they are able to tap into the unknowns of one’s data set on command. The user won’t even have to do anything as long as the alert is set up beforehand. This is all one needs to do.

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What type of custom alerts could be setup? It could be something as simple as seeing the amount of social media connections are being made in relation to the site. For those who are big on their social media accounts, this is imperative information and getting it as soon as the tool is opened up is critical.

Google Analytics Applications Gallery

It is confusing to see so many web owners struggle to note down the importance of this gallery and what it entails. In fact, most are unaware of it even existing and this is unfortunate considering the value it can bring in the long-term. There is a massive collection of applications present within this gallery specifically designed for users of this tool. Download those applications and get them running effective immediately as desired.

What applications are on offer in this gallery? It can include something as simple as a data grabber to put information onto Excel after processing is complete. Whatever one could possibly want can be handled by applications found within this gallery. Make the most of what is on offer and watch as the results come in as desired.

The Power Of ‘Affinity’

Don’t you want to get a better look into what your users are into? This is quite well done with social media platforms such as FaceBook who have built a system, which enables advertisers to target based upon affinity. However, Google Analytics also provides this option and the data is priceless to say the least.

It gives incredible insight into what users are looking for when they come onto the site and what will make them stay longer. This is imperative for those who are struggling to convert leads and want to know what is going to push them to complete the purchase.

Affinity is key and sifting through all of this data is going to be invaluable in the long-term.

These gems should ensure Google Analytics becomes easier to dive head first into without losing everything. There are far too many examples of people who lost their way simply because they refused to pinpoint what works and what does not. Those who refuse to pay attention to these gems are going to be spinning their wheels without realizing the power of such information and what value it holds in the long-term. Make the most of these gems as soon as possible to ensure the results come in thick and fast. Those who do this are going to progress down a path of significant success and leave everyone else lingering behind.

5 Top Seo Blogs You Need To Be Reading

The internet marketing space is riddled with bad crap advice, especially where seo is concerned.  I have seen this industry take on a life of it’s own over the past 20 years.

New people have come in and are now considered the experts everyone should be listening to, because they are in the know.  Now, while everyone new is not inherently bad just because they are new, you just have to watch who you take advice from.

The problem is many new digital marketers do things like publish a case study and proclaim to the world, this is the way things should be done.

But, honestly it really doesn’t work like that and while some of those case studies can be valuable, they can also be dangerous at the same time.  Just because something worked from one site’s seo, does not truly mean it will work for all sites.

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Sure, there are rules, ideas and concepts search engines like Google follow when ranking sites but, each site is different from the start.  They will have different navigation, a different structure and many other things that may make them seem the same but really different.

So, instead of reading all the new posts about “I ranked this” and I ranked that, why not read some theory that makes sense and allows you to form an opinion from learned cognition.

After all, that’s really why you go to school isn’t it?  You go because you are taught theory but also how to think on your own.

When you can take the theory you have learned, and learn how to use it and, apply it to certain situations, that is how great web marketers and seo’s are born.

Because, not every situation you come across will be the same.  Sure, there are concepts and teachings you will follow to get there.  But, that’s only the beginning.

So, here is my list of blogs you should be reading and leaning from every month.

#1 The Seo Theory Blog by Micheal Martinez

Micheal is a true pioneer when it comes to not only just seo, but web marketing.  If you take the time to read his articles, you will see he is dead on many times.

While not every one is dead on all the time, Micheal comes close.  But, more importantly, in his writings he makes you think.  He makes you question what others say is gospel.

It’s this type of thinking, that can help you become great at what you do.  You see, Micheal does not just read something and go, that’s it, that’s the way it should be done.

I highly suggest you read what he has to say, and do not get pissed if you don’t agree with him.  He has a lot to teach if you subscribe to his private news letter.

# 2 Eric Ward

While Eric is not a true seo by trade, what he does can directly affect seo.  Eric is a link builder, and just about the best around and has been doing it longer than most.

Some of Eric’s clients include the likes of, and he got started way before Google was even thought of.  Legend has it, Mr Ward was building links for his clients to get traffic to their sites and then one day Google came around.  Well, he noticed all of his clients sites were ranking in or near number one spots.

So, what was he doing for this to happen?  he was building relevant, classic good links, that would get traffic to his clients sites.

Eric is the God Father of link building and you need to read what he writes.

#3 Bill Slawski of Seo by the Sea

What can I say about Bill other then he is true genius.  Bill writes about Google’s patents mostly and provides very interesting and correct info about them.

The reason you want to really read what Bill says, is because he reports on many things that can affect your search rankings today and tomorrow.  There is no one else who talks about what he does.

#4 Bruce Clay of Bruce Clay Inc.

Bruce is another true pioneer of search engine optimization.  Bruce also wrote the book on Seo for dummies.  One thing Bruce is really good at and helped me to understand better, is the Seo silo concept.

Bruce really understand what a search engine like Google, is looking for when it comes to your website.  His website is also filled with relevant, good information anyone new and old in the seo and digital marketing space can learn from.

#5 Rand Fishkin and Moz

While many people have labeled Moz as the white hat agency, that should really be of no concern.  Moz goes deep and really teaches you many idea’s and concepts you will find no where else on the web.

Trust me, when your done listening to all of the BS new marketers out there, Moz will still be there.  Rand and his team provide many many teachings anyone can learn from.  And if you really dig into Moz’s site, you can find tons of good quality training for free.

Well, this was a quick run down of the blogs I read before many others.  What most of these blogs do for me is provide a way to filter out the BS and get to the real things.

There is so much junk on the web these days about seo and online marketing in general.  But, reading these blogs will help keep you grounded.

The Future of Seo

It’s no secret, people are always talking about the future of seo.  Where is it now?  Where is it going?  Does seo still exist?  All you have to do is read any internet marketing forum having anything to do with seo and you will see people debating over it.

Anyone and I mean anyone who is trying to make a living online can easily get caught up in all of this.  It can be a time suck taking away from valuable time you could be working or growing your business.

After all, that’s one of the biggest problems why people never get anywhere with seo or even any internet marketing.  They are always looking for the next bright shiny object or big idea.  When in all reality it is something like seo they should learn, work at it and then achieve success.

the future of seoBut, were not here to talk about all that, were here today to talk about seo and it’s future.  Where I think it’s headed.

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So let’s dive right in, shall we?

The concept of change

One thing is certain when it comes to seo.  Things will always be changing at one point or another.

You see, any search engine and not just Google is always looking to get better for their customers and advertisers.  After all, the only real way a search engine makes any money, is from advertising.  So of course it makes sense, they want to make more cash.

So, the thing that anyone concerned with seo needs to understand is, this change will always take place.  it’s almost like playing the stock market, always up and down web traffic can be.

Most people in seo get used to this one way or another.  You have to, you cannot lose sleep over this forever.

But, never become so used to is so you don’t see changes coming.

What any expert will do especially in the seo field is, pick a few trusted advisers and subscribe to their news letters.  Try to pick one for certain subjects of seo.  You might find one who is great about reporting on Google updates and another who is great at ranking long form content.

Whatever it may be. just find a few and unsubscribe from the rest.  I myself have about 10 trusted experts I read who I know report on seo.  I read them regularly and it helps me keep informed.

Understand Some Things Never Change

While it seem that technology and seo are moving at the speed of light and continually changing the reality is they are not.  Many core concepts that were invented back in 1998 still hold true today.

This is one of the other big problems for many seo’s.  They really do not understand this.  Take for instance content.  Google has been saying for years to make good content and not thin pages.  But since the Panda algorithm, everyone was surprised.

Google just finally found a safe way to to make good on what they have been telling people for years.

Most things are just improved upon with core concepts still in play.

Will Links Still Count In The Future?

Even if Google or any other search engine for that matter got rid of links as a ranking signal, you would still want to build them.  Why?  For traffic plain and simple.

The problem is most people only think about Google when building links.  They stay away from things like “No Follow” links, which is ridiculous.

If you see a place where you can get a link and you know it’s relevant and will bring traffic then, by all means go for it.  I wouldn’t even think about Google in this instance because the links was no follow.

Sure, still keep Google in mind but, do not let any search engine dictate your full link building strategy.

Here’s a question, If there were not search engines or they still to this day continued to suck like they did 15 years ago, would you still be as interested in blogging?  I didn’t think so.

They only way people got traffic to their website in 1995 for free was by, you guessed it, building links.  And, the only true way they work for traffic is, if they are from relevant sources where the person who clicks on the link will actually care about landing on your website.

But, Will Search Engines Still Count Links?

That, no one knows for sure.  Recent reports over the last few years have shown, Google is working on trying to make a search engine that didn’t have to use links.  So, it’s entirely possible, one day we would see a search engine not using links as a ranking signal.  This is also something to keep in mind the concept of change.

Also understand, Google is working on things like a different view for their search engine and who’s to say they are not going to come out with some sister engine some day, where the view was entirely different and about different things.

Google has much at their disposal and they are most certainly always testing out new things.

And, do not count out other search engines.  Just like Google has, there is someone, somewhere out there just trying to develop the next best search engine.  All it would take is someone like another Steve Jobs or Bill Gates to set it into motion.

The Future Of Algorithms

Algorithms are the language of scientists and Google has many.  For these changes I highly recommend you visit and read Bill Slawski’s Seo by the sea.  Bill does a great job about reporting on Google patents, many of which are about their algorithms.

Just understand they will continually change and get better.

What About Google Penalties?

Again, no one knows for sure.  But I would think Google will continue to develop Panda and Penguin for the next few years.  There has been much talk, these are broken and they need to fix them or just make them better.  Who knows?

But, realize they are continually looking for safe ways to get rid of search engine spam, without knocking good sites out of the way.

I would expect more to take place in the future.  How many more?  There’s no way to know that for sure.  But always be on the lookout.

Future Ranking Factors

Ok here’s a good one, ranking factors.  While I understand there are many of you who want to rank for certain keywords and that’s why you do what you do.  Build links, on page etc.  I even do these myself.

I still believe however for the future, great content will be where it’s at.  Heck it already is.

Listen, if you make really good personal, informative posts, written well for people and, you make them long and thoughtful.  You will have a good chance at ranking.

too many people write like a robot, without any substance or voice in their articles or posts.  You want to have a voice.

Sure, all the other things will still apply, links, on page, off page, social, etc.  But, people just do not get content marketing well enough and the role it plays in seo.

Google and other engine like Bing are looking at content, we know this from the Panda change.  It was designed to knock out crappy thin affiliate sites.

And, if you write longer more informative posts, you will have a better chance at ranking for many more search terms.

What Does Google Want?

No one really knows this with 100% certainty.  But, I do believe they tell us a lot.  Just read their Google webmaster guidelines and instead of taking a “oh this is horrible stance”, try and think outside the box.

The things we know they want are Good and real content by real authors.  So reading this, any affiliate marketer is going to say “oh this is crap”.

Well, hold on a second.  Is it really crap?  Do Google really hate affiliates?  No they don’t.  What they do hate is a website by an affiliate marketer without substance.

You don’t need to truly be an expert in a field to have seo success.  You could still be an affiliate and make it work.  But, how do you achieve this?

Easy, pick a topic, mostly any topic you love and can write about.  Let’s say it’s weight loss and you have struggled with weight loss a few times in your life.

So, you start a website about weight loss and your journey to losing weight.  Will it take a ton of content and or links to make it a success?  Most likely yes.  But you could choose your keywords wisely and add a personal spin to each article you write.  And, Google will reward a site like this dependent on a few factors.

Just make sure you are compliant with all affiliate laws and keep writing.

The bottom line, Google wants real sites from real people.

Social Search Engines

Did you know that Facebook is also a search engine?  Or Youtube?  That’s right, they are.  And, they may continue to get better.  Social already plays a huge part for where many people go online these days and it’s no surprise marketers are also right there behind them trying to market their products and services.

for now search engines like Google are where it’s at.  But who’s to say one day Facebook will beat out Google?  Highly unlikely now but again, it’s the concept of changes.

How To Prepare For Future SEO

When trying to prepare for the future, understand right up front you will never get this right 100%.  It’s impossible.  However, if you have blogs or websites, it’s time to look them over and make a plan for the future.

Most everything we need is already in front of us.  You could always get a tool like Screaming Frog and check over your website.  You could check for things like thin content pages, technical problems and more.

You could also use Google Analytics and check the bounce rates of your pages and see if you have content issues.  You could also use Link Detox and check your backlink profile.

The point is you want to be doing more than the other guy.

Always Have A Plan

If you have an online business, I urge you, always have a plan.  One day you might have built your website traffic up to 700,000 visitors a month and then suddenly it may be down to 100,000 a month.

Now this does not mean you are a complete failure or anything.  Google has just changed the rules they use to rank things.  This has happened to many websites and some were getting 700,000 visitors a month.

And then Google releases and update and bam, they lost much of their traffic over night.  This is why it’s important to have a plan in place.  I would go and talk to an Google penalty expert and consult with them about your site.

This way if anything does happen you at a bare minimum have someone you can call to help you get back on track.  Trust me, you don’t want to get caught not knowing what to do when you have people working for you who count on their jobs.

Content Marketing & SEO

Ok, so today for this article, I’m going to talk about content marketing & SEO.  It really goes further than this into things like conversions, keeping people on your pages etc.  But content is one of those things that is so often over looked, especially by new webmasters or affiliates.

I mean what the hell do you want content for?  We are concerned with SEO right?  Wrong!  Content is very very important.  You need not overlook content and the creation of it.

content marketing seoIn-fact,  One of the first things when I teach anyone about seo or online marketing is about the creation of content and words.

Sure, you may have keywords, seo, links and all those things.  But without good quality content you have nothing.  And I mean zip, zilch, nadda, nothing.

The web is all about content first and links second.  Please, read that again.

So, if you have no idea how to write, LEARN.  I urge you!

Putting The SEO Cart Before The Content Horse

I get asked all the time by newbie seo’s, how they can learn this wonderful trade?  They always want to talk Google and technical geek aspects first.  And, their jaws drop, when the first thing I mention is content and writing.

“What”? they exclaim!  Listen, many times problems with search are not those problems at all.  In fact, many times it’s really content problems looming over their clients heads.

I have seen it many times.  People come screaming at me ” Google quit sending me traffic for no reason”!  Ok, so I check their pages and yeah, I see a page with about 120 words on it doing nothing but explaining their services and poorly if that.  Their page screams, me, me, me with very little wording.

Sure, this may be ok for some but you need to be better than that.  You need to write more content for one.

So, step one to learning search optimization is, learn how to write in a helpful manner.  Or at the very least, learn how to spot good writing and hire someone who can create the content for you or your client.

Create Helpful Content

You need to create helpful content on websites for many reasons.  One reason is, it creates longer dwell time on your site.  But, you truly want to help your readers and not just sell, sell, sell.

This is true of any business or otherwise any website.  I don’t care if you repair iPhone’s for a living, fix heaters or want to create an affiliate blog.  You need to help readers and people who land on your website.

So, lets say you do repair iPhone’s and want to have a website.  I would check most websites in your area.  I would bet most just list things like services performed, hours, guarantees and a description of what they do.

That’s boring for sure.  Instead, you could list many of those things at the top of the article but, why not create a story about something that happened or even list helpful tips about phones?

Many people don’t ever think about doing this.  Trust me, wow them with your content and you will win the sale.

So learn about content creation before anything else and then work in your lessons about search.

How Many Words Do I need?

The answer is, it depends.  But you want what Randy Ray of Reflective Dynamics calls Mega Content.

As he states in his article, the days of short content are at an end and you really cannot expect to rank any longer that way.

Now, you don’t need 10,000 words by any means but, you want a good amount say, 700 – 2000 and more.  And, if you cannot create that type of content, you just ain’t thinking hard enough.

Also, the more content you create, the more chances you have of being found for longtail keywords.

And the trick is to really care about what you write and put your best effort into it.  This is why it is much easier to go into niches and make websites for things you really care about.  I remember back in the day when, people would make videos where they had 200 affiliate sites in all different markets, they knew nothing about.  Talk about stress.

But their whole thinking was, well if one site goes down I have others.  Well let me tell you something, if you don’t put enough care and time into any of those sites, they all will go down.

So have a more narrow thought process and think about the things you really love to do and make great sites out of those things.  Your passions in effect will become the driver of your income.

And do not obsess over word count.

Isn’t This Just Inbound Marketing?

Yep, you bet it is and at it’s finest.  Inbound marketing is the process of where people seek you out, you become the expert and people will start to seek out your knowledge.  So, inbound marketing works and works well.

And news flash, this is what Google likes to see.  You see, in Google’s perfect world, every website would be great, written by a real person who is an expert on their topic and well written.

Not only all this but, why not try and help people?

How Many Pages Do I Need On My Blog Or Website?

Ok, well this again just depends.  But again, you want to care about the content and wow your visitors.

It used to be people would do keyword research and then produce as many pages as possible.  Heck, I was even one of them almost 15 years ago.  But my my, have times changed.  Now since the Google Hummingbird update, they are more after topics now.

Now this isn’t to say you cannot create more pages.  But if you have one good page on the topic of “computer repair” where you list out your services.  How much more can you really say about a variant keyword of “computer cleaning repair”.

You will just have to use your brain and think about it but, do what comes natural and try not to repeat variant keywords making useless pages.  If you do your content correctly, you can have much less pages, with more content and rank better.

Take Your Time & Do Your Research

When writing posts or pages on your blog, take your time.  Research into the subject as deep as you can.  Think about it for a few days if you must.  Good content is not created in one fell swoop.  It takes time and effort to produce.

While thinking about what you want to say, do some research.  The web is the greatest research tool ever invented.  Use it to its fullest.

If you wrote 1000 words one night, set everything aside and look at in again in a day or two.

Great Content Makes You The Authority

One thing about writing awesome content is, you will be the authority on the subject matter.  This will be true for Google and your visitors.  So, we really can call this authority content marketing can’t we?

But I Don’t Know How To Write

Well, great writers are made with trial and error and effort.  If you have no idea how to write now, you will with some practice.

You have to start somewhere and besides writing is a great creative outlet that is good for the soul.  I would also say to study the great writers and lean what they have to say about writing.

Ok What Do I write About?

Iv’e been saying it over and over in this post.  Follow your passion and the money will come.

I would pick something you are good at and have a real understanding and liking for.  This way you will want to go to your computer and write as good as you can.  Writing about things you have no interest in can produce short boring posts.

If you have no interest in stock trading, why try and write about the subject just because you heard affiliate commission are good?

Tell A Story

It has been proven over and over that story telling in write attracts people and those people even share those articles.  Claude B. Hopkins the great advertising man wrote in his book Scientific Advertising about story telling.

He had a client who made beer and one day he came up with the concept about telling their audience about how the beer was made.  He told them to describe in great detail and bring the customer through the process.  And guess what, it worked like a charm.

Be Interesting

This goes along with Story Telling but you want to be interesting.  And, the way to do this is by using your own voice and uniqueness.  Overtime you will develop your own style and your own voice.  But you may need to work on it.  You do this with practice.

Pick topics and write about them in a Word document if you are not ready to publish anything on the web yet.  Then, save those documents for later and look them over.  Heck, you might even have fun looking at them years later.  But the best part is you will learn from them and see just how far you have really came.

Edit Your Articles And Check Your Spelling

I have stated this before in this article but you will want to do the best you can with editing and spelling.  Google at one time didn’t care but they do now more and more.  Also, people have a tendency to pick out even just a few spelling errors.  And let me tell you it can be a pain.

I used to be one of those lazy people who would quickly just look over the article and then hit publish.  Ouch, trust me you want to spend more time in the editing and grammar departments.  I know it’s a pain but you will be rewarded later on.

And you might need to do a few edits or you could even do a hundred.  It’s all up to you how many you want to do.  Just make it your best work.

Content Builds Over-Time

About 11 or 12 years ago I remember reading Dr. Ken Evoy and his Site Build It Product.  Many people have ripped him apart these days which is natural on the web because so many people want to be the experts.  But his action guide was 2nd to none back then and I think it still holds true today.

Dr. Ken talked about building a content driven website and he instructed his members to keep on building content and stop optimizing.  While I don’t agree 100% with this, his approach to content is right on in my book.

His daughter Nori has created one of the best sites on Anguilla available, and she ranks on the first page for the keyword Anguilla.  This is all pretty much from stellar content creation over time. So, yes, it works when you work it.

Make A Real Website

I know I have stated it before but, a real website written by you will attract many more readers and keep visitors on your pages longer.  Enough of the crappy affiliate websites already.  Do something real with your time so you put all your time and energy into it like you should.

Look at Ken’s daughters website again.  Take a look a this page for instance, where she is talking about a restaurant on Anguilla.  Do you notice all of the pictures, which are real by the way?

Nori’s whole website is about her experiences in and around Anguilla.  Now, don’t you think people wanting to know about this wonderful place will read her site and come back for more?  Of course they will and in droves.

You can clearly see she is real, her website is real and the experience you have on her site is real.

Again, I know many of you are worried about your site being kicked out of Google and want to create thousands of affiliate websites.  But let me tell you, that is not real.  Pick a subject you know and love and then later you can branch out into other things you know with other sites.

Read Others Success Stories

One guy that started to hit my radar about 8 years ago was Steven Pavlina.  he is also another student of ken Evoy’s.  However, one thing Steven does is overwhelm and I really mean it with content.  He is a writing machine and has been so for years.

His website is so chock full of information it’s hard not for the search engines to miss him.  He really over delivers.

But, you can truly learn from others and their success.  It doesn’t take long to see how many success stories there really are on the web when it comes to content marketing.

Even Neil Patel has his own story.  Neil is also another great content producer.  He just produces so much content you cannot look away.

Same goes for Amit Agarwal.  he is an Indian tech blogger who got started about 8 years ago and he hasn’t looked back.  In fact if you search around about him, you will see he quit his job and started blogging and now lives a life where he works from home.

Every day he plans and posts helpful tech articles on his blog.  Amit, makes a very good living with Google Adsense and from advertising being bought on his blog.

So dig a little deeper to learn how these people are producing great content, and you will see they also had to work at it.  But once you work it the rewards do come.

You might even just get inspired and really start to make some headway with your own project.

What Does Google Really Want For Content?

Honestly, know one really knows this for sure.  There are many experts, some who are pretty good.  But, as Iv’e stated many times here, it’s all speculation.  That’s not to say do not take some of their advice and fix your websites from Panda or Penguin.

But as you may or may not know Google did release a list of what they consider quality content and websites.  And, many people are just calling this a cheap way out or that is was not real.  Well, be that as it may.  However, I would tell you to take a look at it and really ponder over what the lists asks.

Putting It All Together

As you can see I gave you many reasons, examples and ideas to start with content marketing.  It is this that will really drive your SEO to new heights.

And remember, if you think you have a search problem, start with the content.  Is it good enough, is it real, does it help people?

As I said many times it’s a content problem before anything else.  It’s sad to say but content is so overlooked these days and many starting out, it’s the first thing they just pass right by and go to the seo side of things and then get frustrated when they get no traffic.

Just keep it real.

Keyword Density – Real?

Since 2011 I have heard lots of chatter about how keyword density is dead as an on-page seo tactic.  So today I want to talk a little about it and some ideas I have.

Of course back 20 years ago when I got started marketing online, it was all about stuffing as many keywords as you could in your meta tags.  But, as we all know today, that is dead for sure.

So, let’s dive in a little about this topic and do some research and think about things like Google, computers and machines and maybe even a little algorithm talk.

No One Knows For Sure

keyword density real or fakeOne thing we need to talk about is, no one knows what the secret really is.  I don’t care if some guy says he knows how Google works and he can show you.

These are all just speculations and you never really know if Google looks at things differently for different niches etc.

It is very possible that an algorithm could look at different types of things for lets say, the top websites.

They could all be ranking in the top 10 for various reasons but could be positioned a certain way because of other reasons.

If you get what I am saying, it’s very possible websites could be positioned by things like keyword density.  But again, this is just speculation.

I personally have taken and played with the keyword density of clients websites, taken down the use of a keyword and have seen it move up a few positions or more.  Usually it was because the page was over optimized for a term.

Let’s see, back in March of 2012 Matt Cutts announced Google would be working on an over-optimization penalty.  But what exactly did that mean?

Let’s take a look at what Rand has to say back in 2012 also.

So as you can see over optimizing a site can mean many different things and keyword density could be one of those things.  You may also want to take a look at Cutt’s post on the Google inside search blog.

Still think keyword density isn’t a problem?  Have a look here.

So, What Do I Do?

Well, if you are not ranking for certain keywords, there are many things you need to look at.  Things like Panda, Penguin, Google Phantom, hummingbird and more.  It is very possible one of these could be the culprit.

So, what I would do is, develop a checklist of things you need to check.  For instance, did you know the FTC has many new rules a website needs to follow?  And Google does follow these.

However, if you have a client and they are not ranking, then you may want to check their keyword density and make sure they are not repeating the same keywords over and over.  You can do so here with this tool.

Let’s say their keyword is “air-conditioning repair”, you will want to check their keyword density and make sure they are not too high.  This is where keyword density comes into play.  It’s not that you want to shoot for a density of a particular keyword when you are writing a page.  You want to maybe mention the keyword in the page a time or two.

But, if your sites are not ranking, take a look at the content and check the keyword levels to make sure they are not over-optimized.  And speaking of content, make sure it’s quality.

If you have content produced for you, then you will surely need to do this because bad writing will repeat keywords over and over.  Some people not even writing for SEO will do this as their natural writing style.

So keyword density is very real, it’s just different than it used to be.  You just have to make sure you are not adding too many of your target terms in your writing.  Just think of how a machine would read things.  Also, take a look at this post on Webmaster World.  You see many webmasters talking about how Google searches produce pages sometimes without even a single keyword on the page.  This is due to algorithm changes like Hummingbird where Google now can understanding topics better and is shifting log tail search.

Always write for humans like a scholar would write.  But, go back and use a density checker to make sure you have not over optimized your post or page.

Of-course also look at the SERP results for your targeted term.  Way too often, I see people writing articles for keywords they really should not be writing articles for.  Always check and make sure your content and keywords align.  Think of how someone coming to your site would view your page coming from Google and whatever keyword they clicked.

Keep things interesting and use your own voice and writing style.  As I told you I am not the end all, be all of SEO.  There are so many good people in SEO these days.  I would encourage you to learn from all of them.

And always remember, what works today, may not work tomorrow.