Putting SEO into perspective

Putting SEO into perspective can be like trying to kick a cigarette addiction.  Yes, that many people are addicted to SEO.  Why?  Because, it’s free.  But you need to look at what it’s really all about.  Yes, I love SEO and still do a lot of it.  But, these days I make sure I put it into it’s proper place.  Seo, can really be like a monster and take up all of your time, especially when you are working alone.

Think about it, there is writing the content, linkbuilding, off page optimization, on page optimization and more.  So how does one really accomplish all of this and make a viable website or blog?

Putting SEO into perspective.

What you have to realize about seo is that, it’s just one part of online marketing.  Too man webmasters put all their eggs into one basket.  And that’s no good to anyone.  You may be riding high one day, making a lot of money and then Google makes some changes and your website is all they way down to the bottom of the search results.

So, what you need is a marketing plan if you have a website or blog.  Sure, you need to keep Google and other search engines in mind when marketing, because you don’t want to go against the grain and lose all your traffic from the search engines.  It is still a viable option.  You just need to start putting seo into perspective and realize their are other ways to get traffic.

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So, your website or blog marketing plan should like something like the list below.

  1. SEO and creating great content.
  2. Linkbuilding.
  3. Banner ads.
  4. Pay per click
  5. Guest posting
  6. Ezine article marketing.

If you take a look at the list above you will see, most of these are in line with Google guidelines.  But they also allow you to branch out your website and get more traffic and visitors.

The two I really focus on for this blog is SEO and linkbuilding.  I do also use a few others to get more traffic.  But if you look at linkbuilding, it does take some time to accomplish the task.  But, building good links should also be about getting good relevant traffic and not just for seo purposes.

Link building is very hard and especially now with all the Google changes.  But if you put it into the proper perspective you can get a good amount of traffic from it.  Guest posting is a great way to build backlinks.  But you need to mix it up some, with other types of links.

Using other ways to get traffic.

Now, if you take a look at the list above, you will see there are other ways to get traffic.  And by all means the list is not exhaustive.  But lets take a look at a couple of other ways to get traffic to your blog.online marketing plan

1.  Banner ads.  These are a great way to get traffic to a website or blog.  But you have to know where to send the traffic and where to place your ads and for what reason.  You do not want to just blindly buy banner ads, waste a lot of money and then proclaim banner ads suck.

Make sure you have a reason to place your ads.  They reason could be as simple as sending your banner clicks to a landing page to collect emails.  Or maybe you want to send them to your home page to generate some branding for your site.  Whichever it may be, always make sure you test and track your clicks and outcome.

2.  Ezine article marketing.  This is is constantly over looked by many webmasters.  This is a great way to generate some very good relevant traffic.  And it’s quite simple to do it.  The problem is most people make it way to hard.  When marketing your articles to ezines, you want to find good relevant ones you can send your articles to.

You then build a list of ezine publishers and try to send them an article at least once a month.  What a great way to get good relevant traffic don’t you think?

If an ezine has a ton of readers, then you may want to send the publisher a quality never published article only to them.  Keep in mind each publisher may publish your article on their website or blog.  So, if you are worried about duplicate content just keep that in mind.

3.  Pay per click is another way to add extra traffic to your bottom line.  However, again, you will be paying for clicks, so make sure to know the outcome you want.  Again, with PPC, you could send your visitors to a email landing page or you could even send them to review pages or product pages.

Just make sure you are not blindly spending money and know where and why you are sending your visitors.  Always test and track.  Trust me, many people just want to get started and never know their bottom line.  Then they run out of money with nothing to show for it.

The Bottom line!

It is very important you spend time putting seo into perspective.  It is a great way to get traffic to your website but also realize there are other ways you could be pro active and start getting traffic.  You DO NOT want to put all your eggs into one basket.