Risks Involved With Linkbuilding?

Are there inherent risks involved when it comes to link building?  Yes, there are.  Some may not be noticed for years and some may be noticed quickly.  However, if you build links to your websites and or blog, you should be aware there are things that could happen down the road.

Micheal Martinez wrote a great post lately about how to assess so called white hat linkbuilding risks.  It is a great post and I highly recommend you read it, if you want to see the other side of linkbuilding and all the efforts you are making.

In his post Micheal covers many of today’s popular linkbuilding techniques and how risky each one can be.

Why Are There Risks Involved With LinkBuilding?

Well, for one, most people just care about one thing.  And that one thing is, gaming Google and worrying about search engine rankings.  But, on the other side of the coin, it makes sense why people do this.  After all the web is all about content and links.  And search engine traffic is one of the best converting sources of traffic out there.  Especially if you know what you are doing.

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But there is one thing many people forget and that is Google and other search engines are filled with smart PHD people who have nothing to do all day but think about search and web spam.  And if you think engines like Google, are not investing huge amounts of money in fighting web spam, then I’m afraid you are wrong.

Sure, something may work for you now but, will it work in the future and more importantly, can you fix it when and if it does come around to bite you?  So, if you have one websites and all your blood sweat and tears are in it.  Think twice about who you take advice from.

Taking The Easy Route

Iv’e seen it for years.  Many people either do not know what they are doing or they just think they can get away with it.  But, either way, many people try and take the easy route when it comes to gaining rankings.  Does it work for some?  Hell Yes it does.  But again, do you know how to fix things when they go wrong?

Also, the web its littered with huge amounts of bad advice especially when it comes to linkbuiding.  And there are so many so called experts now popping up all over the place.  And many just have 6 months to a year experience when it comes to web marketing and or search engines.

Build It And They Will Come

I have seen people ask in forums over and over.  How do I make my website high in Google?  And then someone goes on to give crappy advice about build these links and Blah, Blah Blah.  So what do most people do?  Well, they build a few articles and then try and get as many links as they can.

So what about building content and trying to gain links naturally?  Well, I hear people screaming all the time, “this does not work man”! or “don’t give me that crap”!

But, lets go back to what the web is made of.  Again, that is content and links.  So, the question becomes, what drives the other?  Do links drive content?  Or does content drive links?  Interesting isn’t it, when you think about it that way?

Take for instance, the worlds biggest websites.  Mashable, Lifehack, Microsoft, Amazon and even more.  What is the biggest thing these sites all have in common?  Yes, you guessed it, it’s content.  So which drives which?  You be the Judge.

Why Build Content?

So, why do you build content.  Ok, take for instance a newspaper.  What if that newspaper had some articles and then was all mostly ads?  And, you bought a copy.  Would you buy a copy ever again?  Or what if you subscribed to a newsletter for $20 a month and you found the same thing?  Would you cancel your subscription?  I though so.

In my opinion, it’s actually content that drives links.  Your first quest should be to help people with your content.  Why?  Well lets go back to the newspaper ads example.  If all you do is sell, people tired of this easily.  They move on to something else that keeps their interest.

But, if you are an expert in any given subject, write content and as much as you can.  It doesn’t always have to be a masterpiece.  But it has to be good.  Then, you can share it on social networks, after you build some up of course and get some followers.

And having a good amount of helpful content will allow you to go far and wide in the search engines.  meaning, it will allow you to show up for more keywords, especially long-tail type keywords. But again the key is helpful content.

Can You Still Build Links?

Sure, you can still build links.  And yes, you need links.  But, start going about it in a different way.  Don’t always think about search.  Sure, keep rules and Google in mind but build links like the search engines didn’t exist, while following the rules.  But, also remember, one day your linkbuilding can come back to haunt you.  Google could change their rules tomorrow.  They have done it before and I don’t think they are going to stop.

Content in effect, will become your biggest and brightest strategy to gain links.