Rockwell licensing issues

Rockwell Automation
Rockwell Automation

If you have Rockwell software and use the network licensing option then you may be having some issues.  There are two ways to borrow a license from Rockwell.  There is the borrow option and the hosting option.

When releasing the license (year license) from a machine you have to un-host the license rather than un-borrow.

It’s important to note that, there are two ways to get a license.  Borrow (30 days) or host (1 year).

All 30 day license holders should click the borrow license option, wait for the license’s to load and then select their files

Year license holders should choose re-host activations, enter the activation information and download the license.

Rockwell does use the host id’s to identify computers.  For the year licensing scheme you have to work with Rockwell and their servers.  They see everything from their server.  When someone Re-hosts and activates a license for a year it is activated through their server.  If we have any problems with the year licensing, you need to call Rockwell.