Seo Advice Pro or Con?

google seo

Some of the best seo advice I ever got was from a new up and coming marketer at the time named Corey Rudl.  He said “Write great content and link it well.”  And that was back in the early 90’s.

But this does still applies today.  People ask me all the time, how do they get listed in engines like GoogleAnd I usually reply, “it’s money, opportunity and the love of my life.  And they look at me funny when I say this.

There are many companies today flooding the market with all kinds of information.  People are telling everyone, they know Search, and they can get their website to the top of Google guaranteed.

First of all, if someone offers you this type of advice or promise, walk away fast my friend.  There are no guarantees when it comes to seo, I can assure you.

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Most firms will try and offer top rankings and also offer you packages, optimization services or they are just simply an reseller.  While some are good and some just plain suck.  You need to exercise caution when giving your website over to someone.

Ask them for examples of the practices they follow.

Organic search engine optimization, is something that can take your business or website to the next level if done properly.  But you have to exercise caution here also.  Some places will tell you they have the perfect strategy where you cannot lose.  And they will build you 5000 links in two weeks.

We’ll take heed, Google and other search engines have rules and their own ideas.  Rules which you do not want to break.

And, it takes time to learn these rules.  You will want to follow these rules if you want your websites to have sustaining results in any search engine.

Link building!

link building is the process of building links to a website.  This is also known as off page optimization.  You not only want links, but you want quality links back to your website.  When you build links think quality not quantity.  Google and other search engines like to see a good natural linking pattern.  One with trust signals.

Writing good quality content is what’s needed to have lasting results in the search engines.  The days of writing crap content and just pasting up some ad code are numbered.

Google and others want good quality content for the searchers.  Some of the best quality content you can write is how to articles and top lists.  These give people instructions they can follow.  But write your best content, as the search engines are getting better and better at recognizing quality content from crap.

Tools Of The Trade!

There are many tools out there which can help with the process.  Many are free while a good amount are also paid.  Some tools you can use are open site explorer and Majestic, both which help for backlinking.  Tools make it easy to see how well your pages are optimized to how to build good quality backlinks.

BlackHat’s Abound!

black hat marketing is the process of doing things the search engines don’t like which usually involves spam.  There is also gray hat and white hat for search.  Many black hat people will do something to gain advantage from a search engine.  Weather it is spamming links all over the internet to having hidden text on their website.  You will want to stay away from black hat practices if you want long lasting results.


Bottom line, you will want to build good quality content, build quality links which are relevant, back to your website and not try and game the search engines. So be careful who you take advice from and always ask for proof.