My SEO Experience.

I study SEO on a daily basis and always keep up with new trends & SEO news. SEO is a great lead generation channel, especially when used in conjunction with other channels.

The Art & Science of SEO

I understand and have been successful with my seo campaigns. Proper seo takes good planning and have a quality seo strategy. I understand all aspects, including AI, LLM, on-page, technical and quality link building.

I am an SEO expert, but I understand leads and prospects must come first. Content must have substance, people want to read.

Google is seriously changing with their Ai learning algorithms. It’s now more important than ever to understand what keywords are producing converting traffic. And lead capture is paramount.

SEO achievement at Bullymax.

I built Bullymax’s seo strategy from the ground up. When I joined there were 300 pages of copied content I quickly discovered and there was also bad technical seo. Once I fixed all the technical issues, I got to work on the content. Once I deleted all the bad content and replaced it with quality, our visitors shot up to 2000 a day. When I left Bullymax we were garnering over 5000 visitors a day from 2 websites.

SEO achievment at Green Air. is an eCommerce B2B website. I was able to increase traffic for keywords such as “wholesale diffusers” 10 fold. This increased leads by over 40%.

Google Penalty recovery.

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