SEO Glossary of Terms

Below is a list of SEO terms used in the industry. I have simplified the explinations so anyone can understand.

On-Page SEO – Is the act of optimizing a web page to rank better in search engines. Tool can be used to perform the work. Tools such as Surfer SEO,

Off-Page SEO – Off page SEO usually involves building links to a specific page from other websites. The link building is usually done with, guest posting, outreach, social and more.

Linkbuilding – Is the same as Off-page seo. It’s where links are built to a page or website with different strategies.

Technical SEO – Is the act of auditing and performing a cleanup of a websites errors and technical issues.

Content Marketing – Is the act of writing content and getting it indexed and listed on a search engine such as Google. Content marketing is the basis of all SEO.

SEO Tools – Are software tools SEO’s use on a daily basis to perform their work duties. Some of the most popular tools are SEMrush and Ahrefs.

SERP – Stand for search engine results page. This is a certain page on a search engine where someone has performed a search.

Keyword – A word an SEO will usually target within a piece of content.

Keyword Research – The act of performing research for keywords to rank for.

SEO Plugin – A piece of software that will allow SEO to optimize a website or blog.

Algorithm penalty – The act of a search engine applying a demotion to a page or website within their search results.

Algorithm – A complex code search engines use to perform certain tasks and duties for their search results.

Blackhat SEO – The act of performing out dated tactics to rank higher in a search engine. These can be done via linkbuilding or something like hiding text on a page.

Press Release – In SEO press releases are usually used to gain backlinks on news websites.

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