SEO Consulting & Internet Marketing Services

Please note:  Currently I am on project and only able to consult with a few select clients!

Phone SEO Consulting:

This is mostly what I do these days.  Phone consulting sessions I will take on are, SEO, PPC, Site Reviews, conversions. press and link building.  You may schedule a phone session with me about anyone of these topics or any single topic.  In each session I will help you brainstorm your next move and how to take your website to the next level.  Each session is billed at $125.00 per hour.  I do have packages available with lower rates for 3 or more scheduled sessions.

SEO Phone consultations are 1 hour in length where I will brainstorm ideas for your website, provide SEO and linkbuilding advice, all designed to bring your website up in the search results.  I need to see your website before proceeding to get a general idea of how to consult for your specific situation.

All other internet marketing services are by the project!