How to deal with cad timeout issues!


Sometimes you will get an [easyazon-link asin=”B0055DBLWI”]AutoCAD timeout[/easyazon-link].  This is usually the result of a slow network or your server is down.   You receive the FLEX license manager error message:

A valid license could not be obtained by the server manager.

Let’s learn how to get rid of the network issues first!

Error 1.5.-15

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As stated, the timeout is caused by a slow network or when trying to access your through a VPN or a slow dial up connection.  The network bandwidth should be looked at and possibly increase to an acceptable level.

If you cannot increase the bandwidth or reduce latency then you have another option by increasing the environment variables in Windows at the client station to get rid of the Autocad network license timeout.

The steps to increase environment variables are located below, and get rid of this issue:

  1. Open the systems properties by either right clicking on my computer and selecting properties or by going to the system properties in the control panel.
  2. Once at the system properties dialog ox click the advanced tab.
  3. When you are at the advanced tab click on environment variables.
  4. Next, find the system variables tab in environment variables.
  5. Click the new variables box and enter: FLEXLM_TIMEOUT under name and then under value put 1000000 for the value.
  6. Click ok.
  7. And then click close.
  8. Launch AutoCAD and see if you can open your version.

Cad network license issue summary!

If AutoCAD opens then congratulations you have finally gotten rid of the license timeout, however If you still cannot obtain a one then you may need to increase the value by 1000000 increments until you can get the AutoCAD license from the server and fix the license timeout.

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This applies to versions:
Version 2011
Version 2010
Version 2009
Version 2008
Version 2007

Autocad network license timeout support article.

You should now be able to get rid of the network license timeout!

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A virus deleted desktop shortcuts and desktop icons. Desktop Icons Missing.

Some viruses can be nasty and destroy all your data while others can just be a pure nuisance.  Then there is the virus which deleted all desktop shortcuts and desktop icons.  While this does not happen all the time, it does happen.  Before you go thinking, it is time to wipe the computer clean and start all over again, fear not.  This is just your [easyazon-link asin=”B004IKEKWC”]desktop icons missing not working because of the virus[/easyazon-link].

Desktop icons disappeared or missing?  Here’s what to do!

What actually happens is all these icons and shortcuts become hidden by the virus and it tucks them away in your windows operating system.  Therefore, even if you had some picture files on your desktop they now appear gone.

So let us cover how to recover your icons and shortcuts when you have no desktop icons!

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  1. Make sure all traces of the [easyazon-link asin=”B005EJ2R4O”]virus are gone[/easyazon-link].  Run a program such as malwarebytes to make sure it is gone.  Do not run a program such as combofix until your icons and shortcuts are restored.  Combofix will delete the temporary folder where the icons and shortcuts are located.
  2. Attempt to restore your files.  The virus moves your files into a temp folder under the user who got the virus it does not delete them.

Windows XP look in: C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Local Settings\Temp\SMTMP

Windows 7 and Vista: C:\Users\%Username%AppData\Local\Temp\SMTMP

Inside the SMTMP folder you will see 3 folders which hold the files you are looking for.

Folder 1 – This is where the Program icons are.

Folder 2 – All the quick launch icons are located in here.

Folder 4 – This folder has all the users Desktop icons.

You can also try to unhide all of your icons.  Just navigate to the users who got the virus Documents and Settings folder, right click , choose properties at the bottom and then untick hidden.  Note:  This may not return icons to your desktop.

To restore you desktop icons you will need to use the command prompt.

At the Command prompt type:

attrib –h C:\*.* /S /D

In the end if you still do not have desktop icons or see files or folders you once had you may have to take a look around in Documents and Settings and check the hidden status of everything.  At this point being hidden is what will cause no icons on the desktop.  Or just simply cause your desktop icons missing.

Now, to keep viruses off your computer and stop things like this from happening again, I use Eset – Nod32 Anti-virus. This is the best anti virus available today. It blows all others out of the water, I use it on all my computers.

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Advanced Google searching

advanced google searching
advanced google searching

Google is an amazing search engine with lots of features. Others have tried to be as good as Google but have failed. Yahoo, finally after about 15 years threw in the towel and released everything for Microsoft to run. Will Microsoft be as successful as Google? That remains to be seen yet.

Many people put in keywords in Google when trying to find things. While this is a very good way to find things, there are advanced operators you can use for a better search experience. Over 50% of searches are done one time where people will only perform for once. Google has an extensive database on this. A great way to find things is by asking a question for whatever it is you want to know.

But there are still other ways to find what you are looking for on Google.

• Using quotations.

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If you want a specific word to show up in the results, then you can use quotations.  This will ensure your word or phrase shows up in the results.

• Other advanced methods.

There are also other ways you can change and manipulate Google to your liking.

Change the amount of search results.

You can change the amount of search results that show up on the pages. The default is set to 10; however, you can set this all the way up to 100. At the top, right you will see a gear icon, click on it and choose change search settings. Now this does not work if you have Google instant turned on. Therefore, you will need to turn of Google instant if you want to change the amount of results. After you turn off Google instant, scroll down and you will see the results settings. Change it to how many settings you want.

Using the site: command.

Sometimes you find a website that you want to find for a specific topic. However, the websites does not have a search feature. This is where you can use the site: command. You would just type in your keyword and then the website into Google. I.e. “news” News is in quotations, so Google for that specific word only on

Link command:

You may want to know which websites link to a specific webpage. If so just use This will uncover any links leading to a specific webpage.

Searching for filetypes:

You may want to find a specific file type. If so just use the filetype command. Just type in your keyword and then the file type command, “windows xp filetype:pdf.”

Using + and – commands:

Sometimes when you try and find things, they are very common with another. Let’s say you are looking how to repair windows in your home and you want to do a general search. Well just searching with the term repairing windows can also turn up computer websites offering advice on how to fix Microsoft windows. If this is the case use the – command and search for “repairing windows” –computer –Microsoft. Now you have a better chance at getting actual repairing windows for your home advice. Of you can use the + sign to turn up positive results for other keywords.

There are also a whole host of other commands you can use when trying to find things. Some of these commands are:

Allintext: Search for specific keywords on a page.

Allintitle: Search for pages with a specific keyword in the title of a page.

Allinurl: Search for pages that contain certain keywords in the url of a page.

Google has a whole host of commands you can use to search. I recommend you head on over to the to learn more and how to produce better results in Google.

Change Autocad from a Standalone to a Network License


So the other day we had trouble with a few Autocad electrical versions which were installed originally as a network license reverted back to a standalone license.  This happened after one machine needed the software repaired through windows control panel and the other somehow just lost it’s license.

With everything in place like a Flexnet server and at least three license’s here’s how I changed everything back.  Just use the windows registry.


Now, right after the where it says AutoCAD is the version number.  If you have a few different versions of autocad installed you will need to choose the version you want to work on.  Next find AdLM and then choose type.  Now in Autocad versions 2009 and below you will want to use these to values.

the value of 2a (C-Dilla) to 19 (FlexLM).  That’s 2a for standalone and 19 for the network license.

Versions 2010 and above the values simply change to 1 and 2.  1 for network license and 2 for standalone.

Boost YouTube Sound and Volume


Youtube is a great thing to watch all kinds of videos and music.  But sometimes you want to boost the volume of youtube because well, you just want to jam out your favorite song and don’t want to go out and buy the cd.  But sometimes your computers volume can only go so high.  And you really cannot get a bass boost out of youtube.  Plus sometimes your speakers will only go so high.

So is there a way to boost the Youtube sound and volume.  You bet there is!  The easiest way is by using a program called VLC media player.  VLC media player is a great media player which can play just about anything you throw at it.  It’s a great alternative to windows media player.

First download VLC media player.  Once you have downloaded the player then open it and choose the media menu from the top of the player.

Then choose open network stream.

Select the network tab.

Next copy your youtube video address in the field provided without the http://

last, click the play button and press ctrl + Up to increase the volume.  And that’s all there is to it.