The basics of Surviving any Google Update

With so many things going on over at Google lately, many webmasters are ready to throw in the towel and call it quits.  Well NOT SO FAST!  Here’s how to survive any Google update!

It’s true many rules are changing when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization), but let this be a wake up call to be more creative and do better.

People, please do not give up on your websites or blogs, especially if you have worked hard for years.  There are things you can do to make your web presence better and more robust.  You just have to learn how to survive Google’s updates!

Trust me, I know I wanted to give up before with many Google changes.  Heck, I didn’t even make a post on this blog for a couple of months after I saw some of my niche websites lose all of their traffic.

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But, you know what.  This has forced me to be more creative and start thinking of using other website traffic sources.

Never ever rely 100% on a search engine for all your traffic.

This is the surest way to survive any Google update.  Way back in the day before their were any search engines, webmaster used to get traffic from links and banner advertising.  It was a very hard job building many links but this was the way it was done back then.

And then one day Google arrived and things seemed to be much easier.  Sure SEO was hard work but once you were done and ranking good everything else was a breeze.

That is until they started making changes and updates.  Once they did, some websites seemed to go to hell in a hand basket faster than anything.

Back in 2003 with the Google Florida update many websites lost their way and many business’s fell flat on their face.  It was a hard lesson learned.

Fast forward to today and more and more Google updates are taking place and will likely die off for a little while and then it’s Google update time again.  You see, search engines are much like software, they will continually change and try to make things better.

This is what it’s important to put search engine optimization into perspective.  It’s a great source of traffic but never ever make it your only source of traffic.

Do not let SEO ever become your marketing.  Make it part of your marketing.  And you will survive these Google updates much better.

Learning how to structure your website!

Now, taking the time to learn how to make your website better is one way to combat things.  If you want to really know what I mean, head on over to

Take a look at how they structure their website.  Amazon has spent millions on testing for what works.  But if you look closer they have category pages.  Take the laptop page for example.  Do you see the way it is structured?

This type of category page could take advantage of banner or pay per click advertising could it not?

The point is learn how to structure your websites to take advantage of other forms of advertising.

Take advantage of Branding!

Branding is an old advertising way, where most people think only big name brands can take advantage of it.  Not true at all.  Branding can be used for a small company just as much as a large one.

The trick is to use something catchy.  Take for instance my website name,

It’s short, simple and to the point.  Now, if you didn’t know who I was you wouldn’t think twice about my name would you?  Most likely not.

But, once you are exposed to me and my website and you want to read more posts one day, my name is very easy to type in your browser.

It’s not branding in it’s truest form but it is a form of branding.  I remember when was just starting out on the web.

They ran TV ads for a few months.  I think this was back in the late 90’s.  The ads were all over the place.  Well, have you seen a TV ad for lately?

Nope I sure haven’t.  This was pretty much all it took to brand the website along with it’s short branded website address.

Follow Google and give them what they want!

As I said, search engines are a great source of traffic.  And you should be trying to ad them into your marketing mix.  Just remember, do not let them become your marketing.

But make it a point to read up on the latest Google and other engines are doing.  This way you will be in the know if something is coming down the pike.

I make it a point to read interesting blogs and posts I find on the web at-least a few times a week.  Take this post I found on the SE Nuke blog.  Too me this is an interesting find.

This video goes against the grain when it comes to the surviving the latest Google updates.  It’s great to keep your mind open sometimes.