The most important way I build traffic!

Today I am continuing my series of how to build backlinks to your website or blog.  I want to show you one of the most important ways I get backlinks to my blogs.

Now, I will not lie to you, this takes work.  But the pay off can great once you grasp the hang out this.

Now, many people when building these, think they need to get thousands of them pointing back to their websites.  And, I would tend to agree with some of this.

However, when building backlinks relevance and trust are most important.  This means, if you build good one, you will not need as many as you really think.

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Now, I know many of you build backlinks these in may ways with articles, blog comments and whatever ways you have chosen to do.

But today I want to show you one of the best ways I know to get really good backlinks which can bring you traffic and trust from the engines.

Now, if you are not aware, websites and blogs have what’s called a backlink profile.  A backlink profile can be used by search engines such as Google to see what is really going on with your website when they are deciding how they should rank your websites.

The Backlink Profile!

Now, as I have stated in other posts of mine, I usually forget about search engines when building them.  I do this because I do not want them to dictate to me how I get my traffic.

Now, this does not mean I forget about them by any means.  They are a great source of traffic for sure.  But, you do not want to rely on them solely for your blog traffic.  So, when building these type of backlinks I always ask my self would this make sense if there was no SE’s.

You see, before Google or Yahoo ever came along.  The only way to get traffic to your website was to find other relevant websites and ask for an exchange.

Or exchange with them.  Now, I have done reciprocal linking to some of my blogs and I can tell you it does work, as long as you are not over doing it, you will not have to worry about what a search engine thinks.

But today we are going to focus on one way backlinks.  And we are going to do it the hard way.  What’s the hard was you ask?  By asking for it.  The manual way to build backlinks.

Again, yes this does take some work but you will really not need as many of these as you think.  And by building these you will diversify your backlink profile to your website or blog.

And, you will not need to worry about deep linking either when doing this type of building.  Again, this type of link building is about relevance, trust and traffic.

After you build a few of these though, I would not ever stop building these.  Why, you ask?  Well, because, these backlinks will bring you traffic.

So, you can build them until you are happy with your traffic numbers.  And, the best part is, you are sleeping well at night because you are not getting all your traffic from places like Google.

One of the best tools I have found to help me build backlinks is with Keyword Country.  This is one tool I use all the time to build traffic from other websites.

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Getting Started Building Links!

Ok, so enough about theory.  Let’s jump in and see how to build backlinks!

Let’s start with this example.  Let’s say you have a local landscaping business and you want to build up your web presence.  You have also decided to forgo the pay per click route in order to focus on free traffic.

You have also made your websites seo optimized and you have a few keywords showing on the first page of Google.  So, you get a few leads here and there for your business, which is great.  But, you know you could be doing better.

Ok I set the scenario, and here’s what I would do to build these for this type of local business website.  Again, remember you want to think relevance. trust and traffic.

So, I would start by thinking what other types of business’s are relevant to my landscaping business.  What, other types of business’s can benefit from my business?  Well, lets think here.  I would say these types of business’s are relevant.

  • Home remodeling
  • Air conditioning
  • Driveway cement and pavement contractors
  • Roofers
  • Home inspection
  • Garage door installation and repair
  • Window contractors

Do you see where I am going here?  I am sure this list can go on and on.  The point is, these are all pretty relevant and you would love to have a listing placed on any one of these business’s websites.

By placing one on these websites you can bring in leads and traffic to your landscaping business.  Plus if the websites you chose are good one’s, you will gain trust from a search engine.  It’s a win win situation.

How I find the links!

Ok, so how would I find these backlinks?  Before I cover this, let me explain to you a thing or two.  Looking for these can easily cause frustration.

You might do a search on Google and only find one websites to be listed.  This is ok though.  You are not looking for shear numbers here.

You are looking for a good backlink which will bring traffic and trust.  So, do not give up if you find it hard.  It may take some time but as I have said the payoff with be worth it.

You will get good relevant traffic and see your website at the top of search engines after some hard work.

Listen, I know you want the easy way.  Heck, even so do I.  But, just as a carpenter has to spend time planning and then time building a house, this type of linkbuilding works in much the same way.

And, in the end you will have a website or blog which will bring you business.

So, after I have my list of business’s to go after, here’s what I do to find them.

First, if there are any business websites I know of I would go to their website and see if they offer a resources page.  Now, you want to find websites which do not have a lot of listings on these pages.

If I find a website which has hundreds of listings on a resource page, I pass it up and move on to the next one.

After I think of all these websites I head over to Google and type in, “useful keyword links”.  So, in this case I would go down my list and type in keywords such as , landscaping, air conditioning, home remodeling and so on.

I would then look for business websites which offer a good quality page.  I would then find the owners email and name and then send an email introducing myself and asking for my blog to be placed on their page.

Now, again this may take some time and your success rate may not be that good but keep at it and you will start to see targeted traffic and leads.

Listen, things are changing when it comes to internet marketing.  So, you better learn the skills to get traffic from other sources.  And this traffic source for me, good ole fashioned backlink building has never failed me.  It takes time but in the end you reap the rewards.