They Own It All, Build Your Email List

When I was in my early 30s I saw Google release the Florida update. That was 2003 to be exact. At that time, many web publishers were getting started and found Google Adsense. Some I read even quit their jobs since they were making tons of money.

Then it was all gone in an instant! Google decimated most of these websites and their traffic was all gone. It was Google’s first major update to get their search results back on track.

These web publishers were right in the middle of the gold rush of the internet. BUt what they didn’t realize was the gold would change places and sometimes hide on them.

Realize You Own Nothing Online

It’s a hard fact, but you have to understand when it comes to online marketing, you own nothing. Any platform your company runs on is owned by some billionaire landlord who does what they want. Change is inevitable!

They all change the rules and what works today will defiantly not work tomorrow.

If you are advertising on a platform such as Facebook, I’m sure you’ve had ads not approved or maybe you had your Facebook account shut down.

So you need to realize you own nothing!

Traffic For Traffic Sake

Traffic is just that TRAFFIC! And once you realize that you will be much better off. You own none of the traffic you produce on your blogs, websites, etc.

Traffic is important, and traffic creates sales and money. But it’s not yours. And traffic at some point will usually dry up quicker than the Mojave desert, especially if you count on organic traffic.

And I am not saying don’t do SEO or even create a YouTube channel. Yes, you should be doing those things. There are many creative people out there who count on organic traffic and make it work for them.

But all the really successful ones have one thing in common, they have a email list with thousands of subscribers.

The Problem With Most SEO’s

I’ve been in the SEO space a longtime and I have to tell you I’m tired of chasing the algorithm. It wears me out to the point I cannot even think straight.

So, I think so many SEO’s get way too caught up in chasing how Google does things they forget they are trying to build a business. Sure, you need to figure things out to rank in a search engine and its a constant game of cat and mouse. So, you’ll be busy spending tons of time reading and figuring things out.

So never lose sight of the bigger picture of business building. SEO is great and converts awesome, but building your business (email list) is even better.

Isn’t Email Dead?

I had a friend who wanted to build an online business with me ask me that. He said he heard it somewhere and said why would we build an email list? It’s dead. No, no and no, email is not dead.

Email is alive, and well, and even technologies like SMS are thriving.

When I was the marketing director at BullyMax, when I started, we didn’t even have an email list. I kept telling them we need to build one. We would go through all the ups and downs of organic traffic, losing sales and all. And then finally we built the list.

Long story short, by the time I left there in 2019, it became the number 1 income producing channel, generating over 1 million a month.

And we would grab leads from all over Google organic, Facebook, Twitter, other social platforms, paid ads and more. We targeted extremely well, so the leads usually converted at 5%.

Learn Copywriting

I see it online all over the place. Many people make niche website after niche site and get all their traffic from organic. Many of them use Ai to build content and keep pumping out sites. The problem with Ai content is its boring, there’s usually no experience in it and many times it produces factually incorrect information. Will it ever get better, yes I think it will.

But, learning a skill such as copywriting can help you explode your income. And trust me a copywriter is not going to win any English teacher awards anytime soon. But that doesn’t matter.

People will pay for your experience and view of the world.

So instead of producing website after website, what if you could have one site and one business making the same amount of money? Again, this is just my take on marketing. You may have experienced something different.

Terry Dean is one such marketer who has been producing copy and selling with email for a longtime. Terry learned email marketing a longtime ago and has been making money from home ever since.


So I am not by any means saying do not try and get organic traffic. There are many smart people out there who have figured it out. But the problem I see is they are constantly chasing after an algorithm and never really building anything they own. Iv’e seen some produce 50 websites with all Ai generated content and make tons of money only to lose it all overnight.

Leaning skills, such as copywriting and producing real writing, can help to make your workload less. It can help you trim down things to only website and not fully having to rely on organic traffic.

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