Site build it Review – My take on the Web host

For those of you who really want to know what site build it is and really all about, I am going to cover it in depth today in this site build it review.  You see, site build it is actually a good product.  I learned a lot from them and Dr. Ken Evoy back when I was starting to build websites for profit.

But I also found later on once you learned more about site creation you really didn’t need site build it unless you liked its features.  All that aside, it is a good product and you can learn tons from it.

Many site build it webmasters did take a hit after the last Google updates and their traffic went way down.  But now that we understand things better, site build it still has it’s place.  Which is why I decided to write this site build it review.

My Site Build It Review!

So for this site build it review I was going to talk some things but I decided to write about the features and benefits of the product so you could make an informed decision.  As always I am going to lay out the good and the bad on the table and let you decide.

Try SEO PowerSuite

Site build it is a tool that allows you to build profitable websites in a snap.  One of the best things I like about site build it is the keyword tool.  The tool allows you to find and locate profitable keywords and then make notes if the keyword is profitable and how to monetize it.

The product comes with an action guide you can read daily to get started.  The action guide does really walk a beginner through all the steps to making a profitable website.  They have a pdf version and a video version.  This makes it easy for anyone to learn.

If you are new to site building!

If you have been throwing around the idea of building a website and do not know where to begin, then site build it is a great place to start.  The product allows you to create a website and have it all managed for you.  This is a blessing if you are a new webmaster.  This is really what site build it is.

The cost is $299.00 per a year and they also offer a monthly plan.  I understand this can be a lot of money but again if you are new and need to learn the ropes this can really be much cheaper than buying product after product to try and make money online.

What all does it come with?

When you order sbi you get a full feature set.  Here’s what you get.

  1. A full fledged action guide to help you succeed.
  2. Domain name registration.
  3. Web hosting.
  4. Traffic building tools, sitemap creation,search engine pinging and more.
  5. Social and blog building tools.
  6. How to make money from you site.
  7.  Support and forums you can learn from and visit everyday.

The list does really go on and on.  SBI does really provide you will all the tools you need to succeed at building a website. And you can build just about any type of website you can think of from affiliate marketing to a local business.  Many people with Sitesell have local brick and mortar companies and make successful websites for their business’s.  What site build it is, is a great tool for any business.

What site build it is not.

As I said in this site build it review, it is a great tool but it is not a get rich quick scheme.  You have to work at it for the system to work.  You have to be willing to write content or pay to have someone write it for you.  As content is the most important part of the CTPM process.

I do not want you to buy and think you are going to do a little work and then sit back and collect tons of money.  No, I am sorry, there is a learning curve if you are new.  But the good news is, if you follow the action guide to the letter and study it, then you will have a greater chance of success.

Proof from this site build it review it works!

One thing I always teach people to to look for proof something works when it comes to online marketing.  Don’t just run out and buy any old product without checking out if it works.  But SBI does work and you can check it out from their website.

Click here to see proof!

One of the best things about this product is it’s user community and all the help you will get from people who are successful using it.  This is where all the proof comes in.

Plus SBI is taught in universities to students.  Click here to see more about this.

The downside of this site build it review!

Of-course everything in life has it’s downside.  And the downside here is the price, which is $300.oo per a year.  That is a lot to pay for any product you have no idea is going to work for you or not.  But, like I said, if you work at the system and build good quality content and create the proper backlinks, then you will succeed.  But you have to learn the basics first and foremost.

The upside of the downside is, once you build your site and learn many of the strategies, then you can move away from sbi and to another platform like WordPress which will cost you far much less.  But, again if you have no idea what you are doing SBI is a great learning tool which can help you automate many websites creation tasks.

CTPM, the site build it motor!CTPM process


The whole site build it process works off of the CTPM process.  CTPM stands for Content+Traffic+Presell+ Monetize.  And here’s how the whole process works in a nutshell.

  1. C.  You build good quality content and load your site with it.
  2. T.  You get traffic from the keywords you choose and the content you build.
  3. P.  In your content you presell your readers.
  4. M.  You then monetize your site with affiliate programs, Google adsense, list building and more.

It’s really a process that works when it comes to building a profitable website.  You need good content written with preselling and you need to make money from your site.  After all you are starting a business.  So, you need a plan to make it happen.

CTPM is a very basic plan but it works when done right.  You see, when making a website, you want to have a real website filled with quality content and in your content you want to presell visitors with your content.  You don’t sell them outright.  You recommend things to them much like a friend would.

Think about this for a moment.  How many times has a friend told you about something and you went right up and bought it?  Plenty I am willing to bet.  This is how preselling works.

The T, the traffic part comes in from the CTP part of CTPM.  You get traffic from the keywords you choose and your content.

CTPM is a great plan for building websites or blogs even. It’s slow and steady that wins the race like a turtle.  Remember I said this is not get rich quick at all.  It is a plan which can take a year or better.  But once you choose the right keywords and build good content you will be well on your way.  It’s that simple, but with hard work of course.

What I like best about SBI!

What I really like about site build it for this site build it review is the fact that it is a plan and a process you can follow to the letter.  Trust me, in the online marketing world if you do not have a plan you will fail.  Sure as I stated earlier the cost is a good amount at $300 bucks per a year.

But if you are just starting out and have the money, it’s worth it to learn.  I would order the system and then spend time reading the action guide, then I would hit the sbi forums and the start creating my website.

I really hope you enjoyed this site build it review and where I really try and cover what site build it is.  I believe it’s a good product.  Again, you really don’t need it but if you are new and want to learn for a few hundred bucks a year, then it’s great.  I have spent thousands on products teaching me all I need to know about SEO and internet marketing so with the information in SBI I believe it’s a steal at that price.

site build it review