Why you should use Google Webmaster Tools!

So, many people these days after all the recent Google updates are screaming to not use things like webmaster tools or even Analytics.  These people are claiming Big bother is watching and why give them more data.

There have even been claims of people uninstalling Webmaster Tools or Analytics and all of a sudden their traffic goes up or down.  While this may be true in some cases, for the majority I think it’s bunk.

First of all they can see more data then you think even if you are not using their things.  They can grab data from various sources, one of them being the Google toolbar.

Now, Matt Cutts swears his team does not share data with the analytics team.  Is this true?  Heck, I have no idea and I really don’t care if they do or not.  All I know is they put out some pretty awesome things and one of my jobs is figuring out how to use them properly.

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Why Webmaster Tools is Good!

Now, many webmaster received unnatural link warnings recently through Google webmaster tools.  Many people freaked out and started uninstalling all Google products.

Listen, here’s what you have to do.  And it’s learning them.  You see, these tools are very good things.  For instance, with them you can see how often your site is be crawled.

This can be a great thing because, lets say you just added some content recently or did a clean up after Panda or Penguin.

You can see if your efforts are paying off by looking at this report.

Or, you can check and see if your website has any malware warnings, If you have site links, if your site map is ok or you can even fetch your website as the Google bot.

You can also check your keywords and see if your position in the SERPS is improving or not.  You can also use the keyword report as a way of looking at your page titles and descriptions to see if they need to be changed or not to get an improved click through rate.

Learn the tools all you can!

The point is, learn these the best you can.  Sure, there is a ton to learn here.  But if you grasp the power of these tools they will help you do things and figure out ways to get better site conversions.  Which is a good thing, because that’s what us webmasters are all after, and that’s conversions.

So the next time you hear someone scream get rid of all things Google, think again.  These tools are all very useful to you as a webmaster.

And they put out a ton of helpful content, so anyone can learn how to use all of these tools.

Listen, on a daily basis, I’ll visit the webmaster Central, Analytics and website optimizer blogs to see what they are talking about now.

If you want to start learning how to use Webmaster Tools here’s the link.  I recommended you or someone from your team start learning all they can.

Think User Experience!

You see, it’s all about user experience when it comes to your blog or website.  And Google want’s to know they are referring their customers over to a good site.

So, if your traffic went down recently or because of some update, then start learning straight from the source.

I understand all of your marketing buddies told you to get rid of everything, but I am here to tell you that’s not the way to go if you want to survive in Google.  They want to know your visible and not trying to hide anything.

If there is any reason you are afraid to have Google see your stuff, then may I suggest you need to rethink your online business strategy.

Its really up to you, what you do, but think of it this way.  What would you want to see if you were Google?