Why Your Blog Must Have A List

Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of communication on the internet.  This is why many people do not think it’s that sexy.

Many people are duped by promises of social media marketing now more than ever.

But it’s email which always comes out on top for communication, sales and marketing.

If you have a blog you must have a list.  If you don’t have one, then you better start one and here’s why.

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List Marketing can be used for many things

One of the biggest reasons you should start with email marketing for your blog readers is traffic.

Just imagine, one day your blog is doing great in Google and you are getting tons of traffic.  Then, the next day you wake up and your traffic has tanked to almost nothing.

Well, with a list provided you had a good amount of subscribers, you could drive traffic to your blog posts by sending out to your subscribers once it was finished.

An list can almost be like a backup traffic source if you have enough people.  This is the number one reason you should start building it right now!  No excuses please!

Other ways email marketing can be used!

Now, if you also have a good sized list you can use it to send traffic to a new website start up.  This is another great way to leverage your list.

Just imagine, you have been blogging for a while and you built up a pretty good number of subscribers and you want to start a new website service.

Well, on the day your new website is finished you will need traffic.  And, if your subscribers fits the bill, then just send an email out telling all your subscribers about your new website.

Affiliate email marketing!

Here’s where many gurus miss the boat with email marketing in my opinion.  We’ll talk about that in a minute.

But, when you have a good sized list and you see a great affiliate marketing opportunity,  You can send an email out to your list and bam, money in your pocket.

Now, this is provided the affiliate offer is a good one.

Guys, I see so many offers promoted day in and day out.  I get about 200 emails a day and half are from gurus who are always promoting the next best thing.

Where I think many so called gurus miss the boat is they are willing to pimp put their list and just use email marketing for any old affiliate offer not matter how bad it is.

Me, I only promote something if I think it has worth and a lot of value i can provide my readers with.

I would keep marketing in the back of your mind, but if you build trust with your subscribers, when you do promote something they will be all over it because they trust you and your opinion.

Where to start with email marketing!

So, you may be a new blogger and have no idea where to start with email marketing.  Well the easiest way is to start with a service like aweber.

I use them her on this blog and the prices only start at $19.00 a month.  Of course it does go up as your list grows.  So do not even bat an eye over it.  If you want a blog that makes money then treat it like a business.  And business’s do have expenses.

Do not make the mistake of using email marketing software on your own server.  It something happens and someone screams SPAM, then you can lose everything over night.  It’s no joke it does happen.

When I first got started marketing online I didn’t know any better.  This was years ago.  And, I posted a blurb in a news group.

Well, within hours my website was shut down.  The moderator of the news group had complained I spammed the group.  I lost everything within hours.

If I had a good email list and use it properly, I wouldn’t have even been worried about promoting to some news group.

So, don’t make this mistake, start with a professional provider like Aweber.

Email Marketing Summary!

Remember, email can save your business if your blog ever loses traffic.  You can send traffic to your posts from your list.  Plus you can use it to promote many offers and even start a new business.

It’s best to start acquiring subscribers right away as soon as you can.  Don’t put it off any longer.

If you are looking to make money from blogging then treat it like a business.

I use Aweber for email marketing as I consider them to be the best in the business.